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January 2012

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Marble says encounter with UI rhetoric teacher Kelly changed his life (Gazette, Jan. 31)

Hagle comments on Romney's double-digit Florida win (Kansas City Star, Jan. 31)

Alumnus Anderson plans zombie film (Joplin Globe, Jan. 31)

Bonfield proposed citizen-complaint commission (Press-Citizen, Jan. 31)

Cardiologist Light-McGroary comments on heart disease in women (Gazette, Jan. 31)

Nurse Practitioner Schlapkohl brings fun to Children's Hospital (Daily Iowan, Jan. 31)

Alumnus Yates has become consumer-advocate columnist (Oak Park Journal, Jan. 31)

UI endowment rose more than 30 percent in 2011 (Chronicle, Jan. 31)

Horowitz reviews Ruthie Foster recording (Pop Matters, Jan. 31)

Smith's research found MRSA in meat labeled antibiotic-free (Science, Jan. 30)

Custodian Welte plays key role in Dance Marathon (Daily Iowan, Jan. 30)

Playwriting alumnus Meneses has Chicago premiere (Broadway World, Jan. 30)

Theater alumna Wilson's short film is an Oscar nominee (Des Moines Register, Jan. 30)

Business alumnus Ohl is profiled (Ifpress, Jan. 30)

UI doctors' use genome sequencing to identify genetic causes of deafness in children (Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan. 30)

Wolinsky research is cited in story about the benefits of 'earthing' (Times of Malta, Jan. 29)

Alumna Champion is profiled (Press-Citizen, Jan. 29)

Alumnus Lee becomes interior minister in Taiwan (China Post, Jan. 29)

Alumnus Hansen writes about global warming (Counter Currents, Jan. 29)

Alumnus Lawton is profiled (Times Leader, Jan. 29)

Alumna Parssinen's new novel is reviewed (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jan. 28)

UI honors Tippie with flash mob (Press-Citizen, Jan. 27)

Pianos that survived the flood are damaged by leak (Chicago Tribune, Jan. 27)

Segar comments on premature births (Quad City Times, Jan. 27)

Su Weizhen writes about the IWP and UI literary scene (China Times, Jan. 26)

UI Media Hall of Fame member Brown is remembered (Sioux City Journal, Jan. 26)

Former UI poetry faculty member Wheeler is interviewed (Daily Iowan, Jan. 26)

Covington comments on the 'electoral gauntlet' (Daily Iowan, Jan. 26)

UI students assess post-revolution Egypt (Daily Iowan, Jan. 25)

Smith comments on report linking Viagra ingredient to reduction of disfiguring growths (iVillage, Jan. 25)

UI alumnus Russo may produce film about blind Iowa boy (Des Moines Register, Jan. 25)

UI Press raptor guide is recommended (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jan. 25)

Souaiaia writes about implications of Islamist win in Egypt (Open Democracy, Jan. 25)

Covington comments on issues in upcoming House contest (Daily Iowan, Jan. 25)

Ceramics alumna Francis is profiled (Lake Minnetonka Patch, Jan. 25)

Pascarella studied effect of critical thinking skills on employment (Chronicle, Jan. 25)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Milch moves from 'Deadwood' to horse racing (NPR, Jan. 25)

UI alumna Bolton traces money on TV show (Courier Times, Jan. 24)

Solow says negative impact of gas-tax increase would be limited (Cedar Falls Patch, Jan. 24)

Engineering alumnus Ashton will direct technical development of renewable energy (Renewable Energy World, Jan. 24)

UI students will spend alternative spring break in Costa Rican forests (Daily Iowan, Jan. 24)

Hagle assesses reasons for Obama visit to Cedar Rapids (Marion Patch, Jan. 24)

UI Press will release book about Iowa-native Pulitzer-winning writer Garland (Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, Jan. 24)

Historian Kerber recommends 'Sacred Trash' (Press-Citizen, Jan. 24)

UI makes Iowa City a top place to retire (Forbes, Jan. 23)

Wibbenmeyer comments on meth-lab burn patients (USA Today, Jan. 23)

Cranberg notes that good debaters do not necessarily make good presidents (Wall Street Journal, Jan. 23)

Dance Marathon helps mold future philanthropists (Iowa City Patch, Jan. 23)

Alumnus Bernard, Microsoft 'startup guy,' writes about innovation (Silicon Prairie, Jan. 23)

Wahls' recovery helped accelerate kale popularity (Gazette, Jan. 23)

Barker's book explains what government-less free market would look like (Press-Citizen, Jan. 23)

Standish writes about milking the Concordia tragedy (Spiked, Jan. 23)

Schnoor discusses effects of climate change on food supply (Press-Citizen, Jan. 22)

Alumnus Larimer researched Civil War letters (Press-Citizen, Jan. 22)

Art alumnus Russell is profiled (Peoria Journal Star, Jan. 22)

Writers' Workshop alumna Parssinen is interviewed (Columbia Daily Tribune, Jan. 22)

East Anglia writing program's anniversary draws comparisons to Writers' Workshop (Guardian, Jan. 21)

Journalism grad student Gutsche writes about bus system (Press-Citizen, Jan. 21)

UI expands writing opportunities for undergraduates with Magid Center (Press-Citizen, Jan. 21)

Eland describes how information technology has affected nursing (New York Times, Jan. 20)

Fuortes comments on compensation process for nuclear workers (Amarillo Globe-News, Jan. 20)

Nursing alumna Telsrow is profiled (Quad-City Times, Jan. 20)

Pilgrimage to Pollock 'Mural' is described (Journal Sentinel, Jan. 20)

New UI research on MRSA in retail meat products is published (Science Blog, Jan. 20)

Tolbert identifies primary campaign issues (NPR, Jan. 20)

UI researchers study red blood cell decay (Daily Iowan, Jan. 20)

UI Press 'Hold-Outs' is featured (Palisades Post, Jan. 20)

Tobert comments on Wisconsin recall (People's Voice, Jan. 20)

UI med school alumnus Wolfgram is profiled (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jan. 20)

Visit of UI students to India is recounted (The Hindu, Jan. 19)

Fisher comments on accumulating municipal debts (Press-Citizen, Jan. 19)

Hagle says errors in GOP caucus tally are not significant (Iowa City Patch, Jan. 19)

UI alumnus Tunnell was first black inductee to NFL Hall of Fame (Beacon Herald, Jan. 19)

UI alumnus Kellbach aids the elderly (Daily Iowan, Jan. 19)

UI art alumnus Lynch is profiled (Saugerties Times, Jan. 19)

UI dance team competed in national finals (Daily Iowan, Jan. 19)

Hagle comments on the legislative future of gay marriage in Iowa (Ames Patch, Jan. 18)

UI student Fantauzzo writes about Philippine food cravings (GMA News, Jan. 18)

Girdler comments on studies correlating exercise and classroom performance (Gazette, Jan. 18)

Poet Sanchez, an IWP alumnus, is profiled (SDP Noticias, Jan. 18)

Family history of alumnus Kriz is recounted (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jan. 18)

UI sees spike in applications (Press-Citizen, Jan. 18)

IEM trading leans to Romney (Press-Citizen, Jan. 17)

Alumnus Kryt writes about violence in Honduras (In These Times, Jan. 17)

Covington comments on preparations for upcoming elections (Daily Iowan, Jan. 17)

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center offers free radon kits (Gazette, Jan. 17)

New UI Public Health Building begins to host classes (Daily Iowan, Jan. 17)

Funk comments on eating problems of cancer survivors (U.S.News, Jan. 16)

Levine explains genesis of novel while teaching nonfiction at the UI (Chicago Magazine, Jan. 16)

McGehee says smart phones pose more danger to drivers (Design News, Jan. 16)

McMurray comments on speech-development study (Washington Post, Jan. 16)

UI student Sloane writes about the magic of networking (Next Gen Journal, Jan. 16)

UI poet/southern rocker Gordon is profiled (Wicked Local, Jan. 16)

UI research on smoking during pregnancy is cited (Emax Health, Jan. 16)

60 years later, UI alumnus meets the family of the Marine who tutored him in Korea (Birmingham News, Jan. 16)

New Zealand follows in the footsteps of trailblazing IEM (Voxy, Jan. 16)

UI student Pray finished in Miss America top 10 (KETV, Jan. 15)

Lasansky pupil Fasanelli-Cawelti is profiled (Muscatine Journal, Jan. 15)

Alumna Hawley is profiled (Boston Globe, Jan. 15)

Writers' Workshop alumna Parssinen's 'The Ruins of Us' is reviewed (Columbia Daily tribune, Jan. 15)

Psychology faculty member Spencer is profiled (Press-Citizen, Jan. 15)

Mason supports student-conduct-code process (Gazette, Jan. 14)

Dance alumna Goudie-Averill is profiled (Topeka Capital-Journal, Jan. 14)

Gronbeck talks about Bachmann's impact on family issues (New Zealand Herald, Jan. 14)

Polgreen comments on Twitter tracking of Haiti cholera outbreak (Science News, Jan. 14 issue)

Levine was teaching nonfiction at the UI when she got idea for new novel (The Times, Jan. 13)

Robillard comments on Affordable Care Act (Gazette, Jan. 13)

Iannettoni responds to first American to receive stem-cell trachea transplant (ABC, Jan. 13)

Hagle is UI 'go-to guy' for politics (Press-Citizen, Jan. 12)

McLeod comments on social media popularity (Gazette, Jan. 12)

Horowitz reviews Connie Stevens compilation (Pop Matters, Jan. 12)

UI will receive $106 million for arts campus flood repairs (Press-Citizen, Jan. 11)

Geoscientist Peate studied possible Permian mass-extinction cause (Astrobiology Magazine, Jan. 11)

UI alumna Leah Israel is profiled (Windy City Times, Jan. 11)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Raab's LeBron James book is reviewed (A.V. Club, Jan. 11)

IEM shows how to predict a president (Los Angeles Times, Jan. 11)

Linebarger says kids need boredom to excite creativity (Des Moines Register, Jan. 10)

UI research showed value of big noses (Independent, Jan. 10)

Perlmutter comments on celebrity endorsements for political candidates (Fox News, Jan. 10)

Andreasen's research on UI writers is cited in article on creativity and madness (Welt, Jan. 9)

Burford works will be highlight of exhibition (Des Moines Register, Jan. 9)

Perlmutter writes that tenure isn't 'a sure thing' (Chronicle, Jan. 9)

Campbell's UI research could lead to muscular dystrophy therapies (Medical Express, Jan. 9)

Ciochon's gigantopithecus research is cited in Bigfoot story (Smithsonian, Jan. 9)

Berg explains predictive success of IEM (CNN, Jan. 9)

Doctoral student Setonga helps his Tanzanian village (Omaha World-Herald, Jan. 9)

Lundell is profiled (Press-Citizen, Jan. 8)

Atchison writes that public-health funding cuts undermine preparedness (Gazette, Jan. 8)

Wheaton makes political predictions (Press-Citizen, Jan. 6)

Hagle assesses prospects for Romney nomination (Kansas City Star, Jan. 6)

Would IEM-style markets remove some political silliness? (Fox Business, Jan. 6)

Cox declares push for uncommitted delegates a success (Press-Citizen, Jan. 6)

Chair of UI Public Health advisors writes about cost of Alzheimer's (Des Moines Register, Jan. 6)

Tonelli and UI colleagues studied gender differences in knee pain (Med India, Jan. 6)

Alumnus Hextell writes about fitness goals (Windsor Beacon, Jan. 5)

Hagle explains caucus turnout (Bloomberg Business Week, Jan. 5)

UI student Sloane writes about college football (Next Gen Journal, Jan. 5)

Hagle assesses Paul caucus results (Des Moines Register, Jan. 4)

Lohman's research on identifying gifted students is cited (Dropout Nation, Jan. 4)

UI administrators received substantial feedback on Atlantic essay (Press-Citizen, Jan. 4)

Hagle says 'second look' at Perry did not produce results (Dallas Morning News, Jan. 4)

Covington says Perry candidacy doomed Bachmann (U.S.News, Jan. 4)

Feldstein 'disappointed' in Atlantic essay about Iowa (Press-Citizen, Jan. 4)

Caucus on UI campus is described (The Economist, Jan. 4)

Malkin weighs in on Atlantic essay (National Review, Jan. 4)

Hagle says GOP contest was 'head-versus-heart' (Kansas City Star, Jan. 4)

Mason got emails in the wake of Atlantic article (Gazette, Jan. 4)

Covington responds to Bachmann's fall from grace (Minneapolis City Pages, Jan. 4)

Bloom is interviewed about Atlantic essay (Washington Post, Jan. 4)

Hagle comments on Santorum's 'Google problem' (Seattle Times, Jan. 3)

Hagle says Iowa caucus impact is about expectations (Augusta Chronicle/Reuters, Jan. 3)

Whiteman examines the impact of Iowa's economy on the GOP caucuses (Bloomberg TV, Jan. 3)

Whiteman expects slow by solid economic recovery in Iowa (Des Moines Register, Jan. 3)

Damiano says healthcare is not a deciding factor in Iowa voting (Healthcare Finance News, Jan. 3)

IEM foresees Romney nomination (Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan. 3)

FEMA awards UI $6.5 million for IMU improvements (Press-Citizen, Jan. 3)

Hagle says Iowans will look you in the eye and tell you what they think (Australian Broadcasting Company, Jan. 3)

Romney shares drop 10 percent in IEM, but he stays on top (CNBC, Jan. 3)

Bloom defends Atlantic article (Des Moines Register, Jan. 3)

Negative ads abound in Iowa GOP caucus (Boston Globe, Jan. 2)

Hagle says Iowa's first-in-nation caucus are 'tradition!' (ABC, Jan. 2)

Prose fondly reflects on experiences at the UI (Daily Beast, Jan. 2)

Bloom article brings attention to GOP secret caucus ballot (FrumForum, Jan. 2)

No winter break for Hagle as caucuses approach (Huffington Post, Jan. 2)

Whiteman reflects on why Iowa is not as upbeat as the economic data should suggest (National Journal, Jan. 2)

Cox spearheads Healthcare NOT Warfare group (Uncovered Politics, Jan. 2)

Perlmutter assesses the impact of negative campaigning (Boston Globe, Jan. 2)

Farivar describes new UIHC heart surgery technique (Radio Iowa, Jan. 2)

UI will hold classes in Art Building West next semester (Gazette, Jan. 1)

Writers' Workshop is one of 10 things you should know about Iowa (Chicago Tribune, Jan. 1)







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