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February 2012

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Pollock ‘Mural' will go on display in Des Moines (Des Moines Register, Feb. 29)

Alumni Kathy and Lin Enger are profiled (Detroit Lakes Online, Feb. 29)

Bezanson comments on Internet libel litigation (Gazette, Feb. 29)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Meyers wrote 'missing manual' for Kindle Fire (Kansas City InfoZine, Feb. 29)

LA Times blog addresses new D'Agata book (Los Angeles Times, Feb. 29)

Anthony study finds retirees are not immune to mortgage problems (Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal, Feb. 29)

Rietz says Leap Day has no impact on government (Mason City Globe Gazette, Feb. 29)

Cargill enters the fray on 'The Jesus Discovery' (Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb. 29)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Olsen: American needs more MFAs and fewer MBAs (Huffington Post, Feb. 29)

Rietz, Berg discuss risky decisions and rewards (KGAN-TV, Feb. 29)

UI student says course for veterans helped him succeed (New York Times, Feb. 29)

Iowa Public Radio interviewed political scientist Hagle Feb. 29 and IWP's Merrill Feb. 28 (IPR, Feb. 29)

Hagle assesses Michigan and Arizona primary outcomes (Des Moines Register, Feb. 28)

Dodge: UI works to improve retention rates of at-risk students (Gazette, Feb. 28)

Alumnus Matthias is profiled (Newton Daily News, Feb. 27)

UI research shows in-car camera improve teen driving (NWCN, Feb. 27)

ABC blogger notes UI findings on macular degeneration (ABC, Feb. 27)

Hagle comments on defections from support of King (Quad-City Times, Feb. 27)

Alumnus Kornblum wins Minnesota Book Awards Kay Sexton Award (Pioneer Press, Feb. 27)

D'Agata's new book is recommended (Buffalo News, Feb. 26)

Hagle comments on Vilsack, King campaigns (Sioux City Journal, Feb. 26)

Alumnus Jansen is profiled (Des Moines Register, Feb. 25)

Abboud co-authored blood-pressure-receptor study (NeBoley, Feb. 27)

Starck remembers a journalist killed in action (Gazette, Feb. 26)

Dubus 'began his real life' at the Iowa Writers' Workshop (Il Foglio, Feb. 26)

Rietz comments on Dow's flirtation with 13,000 mark (Des Moines Register, Feb. 25)

Milster talks about infrastructure challenge of turning trash into cash (KCRG, Feb. 25)

Hagle identifies election-year pressures on Iowa legislators (Press-Citizen, Feb. 24)

Another No Shame Theatre franchise makes its debut (WRAL, Feb. 24)

McGehee talks about upcoming driving danger of Google Glasses (New Times, Feb. 24)

Alumnus Bush explains the history of Templeton Rye (Press-Citizen, Feb. 24)

Alumna Jacobsen writes about teaching English in China (Des Moines Register, Feb. 24)

OWS participant and UI student Goldberg is profiled (Burlington Hawkeye, Feb. 24)

IEM demonstrates the political wisdom of crowds (24H Vancouver, Feb. 24)

D'Agata's new book reviewed (New York Times Book Review, Feb. 24)

Polgreen comments on use of Tweets in epidemiology (NPR, Feb. 24)

Amendola describes ankle replacements (Omaha World-Herald, Feb. 24)

Weinberger: warm winters bring more allergy attacks (Radio Iowa, Feb. 24)

UI part of macular degeneration gene find (News Track India, Feb. 24)

Tully comments on newspaper paywalls (Daily Iowan, Feb. 24)

Alumnus, M.D., golfer Updegraff profiled (Inside Tucson Business, Feb. 24)

UI students take advantage of online resources (Press-Citizen, Feb. 23)

UI studied financial aid/study abroad connection (Chronicle, Feb. 23)

UI researchers partner on life discovery in ocean depths (Physorg, Feb. 23)

Alumnus Sherman is profiled (Des Moines Register, Feb. 23)

Souaiaia writes on end of Islamic religious/economic idealism (Open Democracy, Feb. 23)

Covington: GOP alternatives don’t appeal to Paul supporters (NPR, Feb. 23)

Hagle comments on Paul's delegate strategy (Guardian, Feb. 23)

Fisher paper on corporate taxes is cited (Daily Iowan, Feb. 23)

D'Agata exchange with fact-checker is detailed (New York Times, Feb. 22)

Alumnus Moore broke barriers as reporter, producer (Cleveland Plain Dealer, Feb. 22)

Whitten says education should be managed on local level (Daily Iowan, Feb. 22)

McGehee comments on teen driver safety (Daily Iowan, Feb. 22)

Workshop's Cisneros was impoverished before striking it rich (Huffington Post, Feb. 22)

American studies alumnus Roba is profiled (Quad-City Times, Feb. 22)

Delsandro comments on autistic children's capabilities (Gazette, Feb. 22)

Baldus research is cited on death-penalty race disparity (Futurity, Feb. 22)

UI program prepared women for tech jobs (Des Moines Register, Feb. 21)

UI theater alumna Frederick attempts to qualify for major marathons (Examiner, Feb. 21)

Black comments on the function of tickling play (EmpowerHER, Feb. 21)

UI medical alumnus Johnson is profiled (Quad-City Times, Feb. 21)

Alumnus Gordon is both a musician and a poet (New York Times, Feb. 21)

UI English student Sloane writes about hooking up in college (nextgen Journal, Feb. 21)

UI student Ginty comments on GOP cupcake ID experiment (Radio Iowa, Feb. 21)

UI writing alumna Ehalt-Bove is interviewed (A Woman's Paris, Feb. 21)

UI engineering student Beenk seeks to be America's Next Eco-Star (Press-Citizen, Feb. 21)

UI writing teacher Eldridge is remembered (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 21)

UI Press sees increase in e-book sales (Daily Iowan, Feb. 21)

Weinberger explains reasons for mandatory whooping cough vaccines (Daily Iowan, Feb. 21)

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre founder Lin is a Writers' Workshop alumnus (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 21)

Ponseti method is providing relief for African clubfoot babies (allAfrica, Feb. 20)

UI Center for the Book enters the national spotlight (Press-Citizen, Feb. 20)

Tang writes about downside of China bashing (Daily Iowan, Feb. 20)

UI artist/wrestler Beatty is profiled (Daily Iowan, Feb. 20)

Meet the new UI Golden Girl (Des Moines Register, Feb. 20)

UI study on marijuana-impaired drivers is cited (Inside Line, Feb. 20)

Alumnus Deuel is profiled (Caspar Journal, Feb. 20)

'Star Trek' exhibition is based on UI Nicholas Meyer Collection (Grayslake Tribune, Feb. 20)

Writers' Workshop alumnus Englander's new book is reviewed (Miami Herald, Feb. 20)

Theater alumnus Beadle is profiled (Press Citizen, Feb. 19)

Rantanen comments on patent re-exams (Washington Post, Feb. 19)

Charmichael advocates better computer models of Asian black carbon (Science Codex, Feb. 19)

Former Hawkeye Marching Band drum major Leslie become national bandmaster president (Muscatine Journal, Feb. 19)

Alumnus McAndrew donated bone marrow to ailing Englishman (Mason City Globe Gazette, Feb. 19)

Horowitz writes about re-release of Cotton Mather Beatlesque album (Pop Matters, Feb. 19)

UI art student Burt-Westvig illustrates new children's book, (North Liberty Leader, Feb. 19)

Alumnus Levine profiles UI papermaker Barrett (NY Times Magazine, Feb. 19)

Writers' Workshop, IWP fuel Iowa City's literary tradition (Press-Citizen, Feb. 18)

Alumnus Tinker agrees with need for pertussis boosters (Quad-City Times, Feb. 18)

Janz comments on impact of obesity (Press-Citizen, Feb. 18)

Alumnus Boser profiles himself (Colorado Education, Feb. 18)

UI study indicates strong personal relationships promote health (WMGT, Feb. 18)

Gilchrist opposes sales of unpasteurized milk (Des Moines Register, Feb. 18)

Law student Lyon talks about military impostors (NPR, Feb. 17)

Hourcade studies use of touch-screen technology for autistic children (Gazette, Feb. 17)

Hauck comments on changes in the MCAT (Inside Higher Ed, Feb. 17)

Hagle says vote for gas tax increase is politically difficult (Des Moines Register, Feb. 17)

Pollock 'Mural' to be freshened up (Press-Citizen, Feb. 17)

UI jets help with military research (KCRG, Feb. 16)

It's Kamille Wahlin Day in Crookston (Crookston Times, Feb. 16)

Grise discusses supermassive black holes (Australian Geographic, Feb. 16)

Gordon: bad decisions led to urban decay in St. Louis (St. Louis Post Dispatch, Feb. 16)

UI encouraging more Friday classes (Press-Citizen, Feb. 16)

Alumnus Hamilton retiring as Astros play-by-play man (, Feb. 15)

UI students from China in Muscatine for Jinping visit (New York Times, Feb. 15)

Many Chinese students attend UI (China Daily, Feb. 15)

IWP example of Iowa diplomacy at work (Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb. 15)

Winchester studies white pages use (Washington Post, Feb. 14)

Hagle explains rigging a straw poll (Slate, Feb. 14)

Thomas says broad liberal arts education draws Chinese students (China Daily, Feb. 14)

UI law alum Bochner started chocolate business (Press-Citizen, Feb. 14)

UI study shows people in relationships have stronger immune systems (Henrietta Post, Feb. 14)

UI considers car sharing program (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Feb. 14)

Summers discusses worm treatment (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 13)

UI test of newborns can screen for congenital heart defects (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Feb. 13)

Robinson essay looks at the importance of the sacred (Chronicle of Higher Education, Feb. 13)

Boles: Relationships are important in doing with business with Chinese (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Feb. 13)

Voss studies suggests link between resistance training, better mental focus (Los Angeles Times, Feb. 13)

Hagle doesn't see big effort to remove Iowa Supreme Court justice (Omaha World Herald, Feb. 13)

Wallace: More can be done to help people suffering from chronic diseases (American Medical News, Feb. 13)

UI has increasing number of students from China (Des Moines Register, Feb. 12)

UI professor shows off 'book sculptures' (Press-Citizen, Feb. 12)

Fourth generation UI law student Beckman photographs Iowa court rooms (Burlington Hawkeye, Feb. 12)

UI Libraries' Special Collections holds Ding Darling archives (Des Moines Register, Feb. 12)

Hancher keeps going despite loss of auditorium (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Feb. 12)

Hagle: Caucuses are democracy at work (New York Daily News, Feb. 11)

Hagle: No post-caucus bounce for Santorum (KSL-TV, Feb. 11)

Nazareth discusses Ugandan poet Barya (, Feb. 11)

Smith: Antibiotic-free doesn't mean free of pathogens (Huffington Post, Feb. 11)

Research by Boxer, Noonan used for graphic about what men seek in mate (New York Times, Feb. 11)

Bauer said housing settlement isn't perfect, but good enough (Des Moines Register, Feb. 10)

Himmelreich opposes lowering home birth standards (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Feb. 10)

Law student Abrams comments on law school election speaker (Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb. 10)

Achrazoglou says building-free schools can have merit (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Feb. 10)

Souaiaia: U.S. could wind up defending al-Qaeda-like groups in Syria (Open Democracy, Feb. 9)

Levy says fluoride is still effective, but waning (The Atlantic, Feb. 9)

Fisher study of local TIFs cited in editorial (Gazette, Feb. 9)

Iowa alumnus Madigan led effort to punish illegal mortgage lenders (Des Moines Register, Feb. 8)

UI’s ‘Mural’ is one of only a few Pollock pieces (The Art Newspaper, Feb. 8)

Project helps build College of Law archive (Des Moines Register, Feb. 8)

UI study shows comparing selves to others affects our health (Irish Health, Feb. 8)

Perlmutter: fluctuating poll numbers the result of TV ad 'money bombs' (, Feb. 7)

UI study shows sports drinks are dental disaster (WISH-TV, Feb. 7)

UI study shows students get wrong medication at school (Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb. 7)

Changes to make UI hospital more accessible, welcoming (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Feb. 7)

Hagle is hooked on Twitter (Waterloo Courier, Feb. 6)

Marketing students analyze Super Bowl ads (Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb. 6)

Berg says people misunderstand federal tax rules (Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb. 6)

Center for the Book makes Magna Carta paper (Auction Central News, Feb. 6)

Perlmutter comments on SuperPACS (Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 6)

UI study shows strong families might help fight cancer (Phillipines Star, Feb. 6)

Hovenkamp comments on FTC litigation failures (Bloomberg Businessweek, Feb. 3)

Leadership researcher Pagon is interviewed (Pakistan Business Recorder, Feb. 3)

UI experts support removal of 'retardation' from state laws (Daily Iowan, Feb. 3)

UIHC emergency department assists uninsured patients (Gazette, Feb. 3)

Woodworth testifies on the effect of race in the justice system (Greensboro News-Record, Feb. 2)

Center for the Book produced acid-free paper to display Magna Carta (Fox News, Feb. 2)

Alumnus Hextell writes that warming up can reduce muscular strains (Windsor Beacon, Feb. 2)

Law alumnus Coulson walked coast-to-coast (Daily Iowan, Feb. 2)

Writers' Workshop alumna Jamison wins nonfiction prize (Minneapolis Star Tribune, Feb. 2)

Law alumnus Green writes about South Carolina primary (Charleston City Paper, Feb. 1)

Economics alumnus Kuzmanich is profiled (KUIK, Feb. 1)

Journalism students launch new magazine (Press-Citizen, Feb. 1)

Horowitz writes about Paul Kelly's 'Greatest Hits' (Pop Matters, Feb. 1)

Film about groundbreaking alumnus Clark comes closer to reality (Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, Feb. 1)

Fuller comments on Iowa City's ranking as a top city for pedestrians (Daily Iowan, Feb. 1)

Tomkovicz comments on Supreme Court ruling on GPS tracking (Fox News, Feb. 1








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