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September 2010

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UI gets funding for sustainable living community (KCRG, Sept. 30)

Homecoming Council helps local family find home (Daily Iowan, Sept. 30)

UI secures $150 million from FEMA for flood recovery projects (Press-Citizen, Sept. 30)

New 'life design' class proving to be popular (Press-Citizen, Sept. 30)

Andreasen discusses genius of Da Vinci as exhibit opens in Des Moines (Des Moines Register, Sept. 29)

Gronbeck comments on Sen. Thune's possible presidential run (Associated Press, Sept. 29)

UI program sheds insight on complicating narratives about religion (Press-Citizen, Sept. 29)

UI’s Hlebowitsh discusses teacher recruitment, education reform (KWWL, Sept. 29)

Howes comments on solar wind electricity generation (Discovery News, Sept. 29)

Patient simulation devices used in medical training at UI (Daily Iowan, Sept. 29)

UI hoping to create striped effect at Kinnick (Associated Press, Sept. 29)

National rankings rate nine UI grad programs (Daily Iowan, Sept. 29)

More doctorates going to women at UI, nationally (Press-Citizen, Sept. 29)

Japanese Outreach Initiative coordinator brings culture to UI (Daily Iowan, Sept. 28)

UI developed simulation software for texting and driving (Times Daily, Sept. 28)

UI College of Dentistry launches fundraising campaign (Daily Iowan, Sept. 28)

Big Ten means more play for UI, Nebraska Whitman scholars (Omaha World Herald, Sept. 27)

UI researchers study test scores of IVF children (Los Angeles Times, Sept. 23)

Ambulance calls down on weekend nights (Daily Iowan, Sept. 27)

Campus recreation facilities usage tracked (Press Citizen, Sept. 27)

WiderNet project celebrates 10-year anniversary (Daily Iowan, Sept. 27)

U.S. representative's top aide attended UI (New York Times, Sept. 25)

'Hawkvity' activity book noted (Des Moines Register, Sept. 25)

Lomax comments on technology at sporting events (KCRG, Sept. 25)

Iowa City boy in Toronto production of 'Billy Elliot' (Toronto Star, Sept. 25)

Lan Samantha Chang’s new novel reviewed (New York Times, Sept. 24)

Iowa researchers design tool to detect Wikipedia vandalism (TechEyeNet, Sept. 24)

Houge discusses Wall Street changes since 1987 (, Sept. 24)

UI Cassini instruments are within Saturn's radio aurora (Astronomy Now, Sept. 24)

UI endocrinologist Van Voorhis studied academic performance of IVF children (Irish Health, Sept. 24)

UI developing tools to detect Web vandalism (Des Moines Register, Sept. 24)

Tennessee Williams wrote 'American Gothic' at the UI (Boston Globe, Sept. 24)

Discovery of radiation belts by UI's Van Allen is recalled (Slate, Sept. 23)

New computer science chair Segre is profiled (Daily Iowan, Sept. 23)

UI political scientist Covington assesses media coverage of government (Daily Iowan, Sept. 23)

UI gives high school students a glimpse of med school (Press-Citizen, Sept. 22)

UI epidemiologist Wallace is on committee studying Gulf spill health effects (Business Week, Sept. 22)

UI takes role in Iraq’s future (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Sept. 22)

UI political scientist Hagle comments on Iowa bishops' advocacy of a constitutional convention (Omaha World-Herald, Sept. 22)

Iowa Flood Center at the UI foresees the recent pattern continuing (Omaha World-Herald, Sept. 22)

UI economist Whiteman assesses Iowa unemployment rate (Des Moines Register, Sept. 22)

Emergency medicine faculty member Jennissen urges ATV drivers to make themselves more visible (Press-Citizen, Sept. 22)

UI alumna who directs Ballet Des Moines is profiled (Des Moines Register, Sept. 21)

UI scientists collaborate on pneumonia discovery (Drug Discovery & Development, Sept. 21)

UI ophthalmologist Folk comments on rare eye parasite (Radio Iowa, Sept. 21)

UI bioethicist Simon comments on genetic research (Minnesota Post, Sept. 21)

UI physics department donates old equipment to high-school labs (Press-Citizen, Sept. 21)

UI engineering faculty member Subramanian applauds renewable energy planning (Press-Citizen, Sept. 21)

Ronald McDonald House marks 25 years at the UI (Press-Citizen, Sept. 20)

UI finds renewal in rebuilding (Chronicle, Sept. 19)

Journalism director Perlmutter writes about career management (Chronicle, Sept. 19)

UI offers free flags to moped riders (Omaha World-Herald/AP, Sept. 17)

UI journalism director Perlmutter comments on how 'gray facts' cloud campaigns (Des Moines Register, Sept. 19)

Writers' Workshop poetry alumnus runs popular readings series in Houston (CultureMap, Sept. 19)

Perlmutter and Gronbeck comment on negative campaigning (Quad City Times, Sept. 18)

UI writer Larry Baker is interviewed (Des Moines Register, Sept. 19)

New UI harassment rules move forward (Press-Citizen, Sept. 18)

UI students create City of Literature iPhone ap (Daily Iowan, Sept. 17)

New story collection by Writers' Workshop alumna is reviewed (New York Times, Sept. 15)

Writers' Workshop Director Chang tackles question, 'Can great writing be taught?' (Wall Street Journal Sept. 12)

UI students learn through community service (Press-Citizen, Sept. 17)

UI psychologist O'Hara discusses postpartum depression (Business Week, Sept. 17)

UI alumna is a finalist for $50,000 Hudgens Prize (Creative Loafing Atlanta, Sept. 16)

UI Communications Studies alumnus publishes novel (North Liberty Leader, Sept. 16)

UI Nonfiction alumna's book is reviewed (Press-Citizen, Sept. 16)

Covington assesses significance of Palin's Iowa speech (National Post, Sept. 16)

Hagle comments on the Tea Party movement (Omaha World-Herald, Sept. 16)

Popular people get flu first; Polgreen responds (CNN, Sept. 16)

UI psychologist Nathan's binge drinking study is cited (Des Moines Register, Sept. 15)

McLeod writes about America's relationship with pirates (Atlantic, Sept. 15)

Engineering Dean Butler is interim provost (Press-Citizen, Sept. 15)

World-renowned architects will design the new Hancher (Daily Iowan, Sept. 15)

Hancher-sponsored performance in Muscatine in previewed (Muscatine Journal, Sept. 15)

Iraqi Education Initiative brings 'pioneers' to the UI (Gazette, Sept. 15)

UI sculpture alumnus is profiled (Daily Herald, Sept. 15)

UI multi-drug resistant bacteria study is cited (Huffington Post, Sept. 15)

Berry's Center for Public Affairs Journalism studied impact of gay marriage ruling (Daily Iowan, Sept. 15)

Emeritus Professor Weston sees Kenyan constitution as a model for change (Ode Magazine, Sept. 14)

Public Health Professor Wallace calls for FDA improvements (Los Angeles Examiner, Sept. 14)

Journalism School Director Perlmutter comments on the impact of 9/11 imagery (ABC, Sept. 14)

Rocklin welcomes 21-only ordinance debate (Press-Citizen, Sept. 14)

Madsen comments on tractor rollbars (Sacramento Bee, Sept. 14)

Keller responds to data showing more women than men earning doctorates (Washington Post, Sept. 13)

Brennan addresses lingering pain after joint replacement (Anasthesiology News, Sept. issue)

IWP resident Garba explains why he writes football poems (Next, Sept. 13)

UI nursing professor strives to balance life, career (Press-Citizen, Sept. 13)

Porter discusses mortgage-relief options (Des Moines Register, Sept. 12)

Rushton comments on cancer mapping (Delaware News Journal, Sept. 12)

Graham assesses impact of proposed isotope export ban (Kansas City Star, Sept. 12)

Buresh sees hope for Haiti (Press-Citizen, Sept. 11)

UI English alumna is profiled (Palm Beach Post, Sept. 10)

UI spinoff creates drug development tool (Des Moines Register, Sept. 10)

Gronbeck notes fear of debates by politicians (Des Moines Register, Sept. 10)

Stem cell research ban could cost UI funding (Iowa Independent, Sept. 9)

Hovenkamp comments on new Apple policy on app development (Financial Times, Sept. 9)

UI’s Carmichael comments on Environment Iowa’s Report (Radio Iowa, Sept. 9)

UI climbing wall reviewed (Radish, Sept. 9)

UI posts record enrollment (Des Moines Register, Sept. 9)

Lewin comments on gay marriage study (Iowa City Press-Citizen, Sept. 8)

UI Hospital hosts outreach for children with muscular dystrophy (Des Moines Register, Sept. 8)

UI sponsors flood prevention seminar (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Sept. 8)

Writer comments on Hancher architect finalists (, Sept. 7)

Lewis-Beck predicts modest GOP gains in Congressional mid-terms (Huffington Post, Sept. 6)

Gronbeck comments on to debate or not to debate (Mason City Globe Gazette, Sept. 5)

Levin studies what parents feed their kids (Radio Iowa, Sept. 5)

Hunter comments on Xerox CEO Burns (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Sept. 5)

Regents push to improve four-year graduation rate (Des Moines Register, Sept. 5)

UI parents more worried about transition than student (Washington Post, Sept. 4)

UI study shows hook ups can lead to relationships (USA Today, Sept. 4)

UI education study is cited (Des Moines Register, Sept. 3)

Schmidt studied business success (Gallup Management Journal, Sept. 2)

UI center aids nonprofits (Des Moines, Register, Sept. 2)

UI market research is cited (Summit Daily News, Sept. 2)

College of Public Health's new building on track for 2011 opening (The Gazette, Sept. 1)

Works of Pulitzer-winning UI alumnus Conrad are displayed (LA Times, Sept. 1)

Porter comments on Homestead Exemption (Daily Comet, Sept. 1)

UI proceeds with Art Building West repairs (Chronicle, Sept. 1)

Hovenkamp comments on liability in drowning deaths (Des Moines Register, Sept. 1)

Hagle assesses GOP 'war on courts' (Iowa Independent, Sept. 1)

Kurtz comments on legal impact of health care legislation (Des Moines Register, Sept. 1)

UI heart disease research is cited (, Sept. 1)

Gronbeck comments on Palin's Iowa visit (Quad-City Times, Sept. 1)

Physicist Spangler comments on research that reproduces solar plasma flares in the lab (Wired News, Sept. 1)

Bid-taking for Art Building West renovation is turning point in UI flood recovery (Press-Citizen, Sept. 1)

Researchers are following up on UI-tied aptitude tests administered in 1960 (Radio Iowa, Sept. 1)

UI alumnus co-authors book on South African freedom struggle (Decorah Newspapers, Sept. 1)

State senator touts UI flood center (KTVO, Aug. 31)

Kerber writes about gender equity (Chronicle, Aug. 29)








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