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October 2010

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UI Hospitals and Clinics undergoing certification to use new artificial heart (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Oct. 31)

Mason reveals personal connection to heart disease (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Oct. 31)

Porter testified on mortgage industry problems (Atlanta Progressive News, Oct. 31)

Covington offers view on South Korean constitutional restrictions (Korea Times, Oct. 31)

UI law student speaks about depression, suicide prevention (Coloradoan, Oct. 31)

Covington comments on Iowa gubernatorial race (Quad City Times, Oct. 31)

Delaying sex may lead to more satisfying relationship, UI study finds (Washington Post, Oct. 31)

Leicht describes uncertainty before mid-term elections (The Guardian, Oct. 31)

UI researcher studied impact of daycare on fussy infants (MSNBC, Oct. 29)

Grant Wood items inspire biographer (Quad City Times, Oct. 29)

UI doctor says ER visits have dropped with 21 law (KCRG, Oct. 29)

Board of Regents approve Iowa Memorial Union project (Quad City Times, Oct. 29)

Biography explores Grant Wood’s past (Radio Iowa, Oct. 29)

Firm certifying artificial heart at UI Hospitals and Clinics (CNBC, Oct. 29)

Reed says organ transplant volume is increasing (Radio Iowa, Oct. 28)

Marketing professor Gruca comments on advertising to same-gender couples (Iowa Independent, Oct. 28)

Nonfiction director Hemley participates in 'Artists' Telephone' (Huffington Post, Oct. 28)

Four gifted siblings between ages 10 and 16 enrolled at UI (Daily Iowan, Oct. 28)

Whiting-winner Adjmi is profiled (Brooklyn Heights, Oct. 28)

Political scientist Hagle comments on Iowa's judicial selection process (Des Moines Register, Oct. 28)

Hagle discusses prospects for the 21-only vote (Press-Citizen, Oct. 28)

Art alumnus is profiled (Muscatine Journal, Oct. 28)

Iowa Electronic Markets predicts GOP House win (MSN Money, Oct. 27)

Porter testifies at congressional hearing about mishandled mortgages (New York Times, Oct. 27)

Family comes first for Writers' Workshop alumna Smiley (Daily Iowan, Oct. 27)

UI professors weigh in on impact of rail service (Daily Iowan, Oct. 27)

Cluster-hiring strategy is discussed (Press-Citizen, Oct. 27)

Computer scientist Jones addresses reliability of voting machines (The State, Oct. 27)

Iowa Electronic Markets process is explained (MSNBC, Oct. 27)

Psychologist Treat says results of her research on sexual cues does not excuse attacks (MSNBC, Oct. 26)

Filios discusses overcoming Islamic stereotypes (Daily Iowan, Oct. 26)

Political scientist Hagle sees competitive vote on 21-only (Press-Citizen, Oct. 26)

Neurologist Dyken comments on genetic basis of sleepiness (ABC, Oct. 26)

Religious studies professor Holstein is profiled (Daily Iowan, Oct. 26)

UI alumnus Aslan says Islam in America will survive (Salt Lake City Tribune, Oct. 25)

UI wins grant to increase number of rehabilitation counselors (Radio Iowa, Oct. 25)

UI Center for Human Rights cofounder Rex Honey dies (Press-Citizen, Oct. 25)

Aubrey's Musick's Feast raised funds for Pakistan (Daily Iowan, Oct. 25)

Nursing professor Buckwalter says mental health screening for the elderly is a relatively new concept (, Oct. 25)

Marketing faculty member Rego comments on pointed airline ads (USA Today, Oct. 25)

Welsh study at UI led to new asthma research (Associated Press, Oct. 24)

UI Writers' Workshop alumnus Blessing honored at conference (Omaha World-Herald, Oct. 24)

WiderNet marks a decade (Press-Citizen, Oct. 24)

UI political scientist Hagle comments on Loebsack campaign (Press-Citizen, Oct. 23)

UI Press book by Nonfiction Writing Program founder Klaus positively reviewed (New York Times, Oct. 22)

UI seeks new psychology and learning center (Daily Iowan, Oct. 22)

UI law professor Bauer comments on tainted foreclosures (Minnesota Public Radio, Oct. 22)

UI alumna Mukherjee is profiled (Quad City Times, Oct. 22)

UI student advocates for safer streets (Daily Iowan, Oct. 22)

ACT was founded by UI faculty members (Chicago Tribune, Oct. 22)

Pelli building will be the new Hancher (Architectural Record, Oct. 21)

UI study: Drivers who smoke marijuana drive well, only slower (The Week, Oct. 21)

Murray is principal investigator in new child health study (, Oct. 21)

Office of the State Archaeologist's Schermer comments on discovery of human bones (Sioux City Journal, Oct. 21)

Sindt urges good contact lens hygiene (UPI, Oct. 20)

UI alumni will write 'Pirhana 3D' sequel (, Oct. 20)

UI study on Tax Fairness Act is cited (San Jose Mercury News, Oct. 20)

Saunders writes about Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Press-Citizen, Oct. 20)

Political scientist Hagle comments on gubernatorial race fundraising (Des Moines Register, Oct. 20)

Stuart says docosahexaenoic acid may reduce postpartum depression (New York Times, Oct. 19)

Abrams explains why depression increases surgery risk (Business Week, Oct. 19)

UI economist Solow comments on effect of 21-only (Press-Citizen, Oct. 19)

Law professor Orentlicher discusses fate of Iowa's Medicaid exemptions (Des Moines Register, Oct. 18)

Marketing faculty member Murry discusses how pink became the color of breast cancer (Omaha World Herald, Oct. 18)

UI study on support within marriage is cited (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Oct. 18)

UI historian says effective government would neutralize Tea Party (Daily Iowan, Oct. 18)

Hovenkamp assesses suit against Blue Cross in Michigan (New York Times, Oct. 18)

IWP resident is ‘hottest name in the Arab literary circles’ (Press-Citizen, Oct. 18)

Sports psychologist Johnson comments on yo-yo dieting (Daily Times/Gannett, Oct. 18)

New UI student discipline policy is ramping up alcohol-related cases (Press-Citizen, Oct. 18)

UI computer scientist Jones raises questions about voting machines (Post & Courier, Oct. 18)

UI’s Stanier leads air quality research (Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, Oct. 17)

UI’s Weiner assesses Kansas’ odds of National Cancer Institute certification (Lawrence Journal-World & News, Oct. 17)

Nonfiction Writing Program Director Hemley discusses ‘Do-Over!’ (Appleton Post-Crescent, Oct. 17)

UI boost in late-night activities is seeing results (Press-Citizen, Oct. 17)

UI’s Tomás Lasansky is dedicated to portraiture (Richmond Times-Dispatch, Oct. 17)

Korea will recruit UI students to teach English (Korea Times, Oct. 17)

UI law professor Bauer assesses impact of mortgage fraud (Daily Reporter, Oct. 16)

Covington comments on anonymous political donations (Press-Citizen, Oct. 16)

UI Pulitzer winner Harding is interviewed (Western Front, Oct. 15)

UI President Mason says more alumni are staying in Iowa (Press-Citizen, Oct. 14)

Social worker Richardson set up programs for at-risk children (Des Moines Register, Oct. 14)

Niebl comments on morning-sickness management (Medscape Today, Oct. 14)

Historian Poe says battle against binge drinking has stalled (Columbia Daily Tribune, Oct. 14)

UI seeks to increase web accessibility for the disabled (Daily Iowan, Oct. 14)

UI psychologist Treat studied men's reactions to women's emotional cues (Time, Oct. 14)

NIACC, UI enter online degree partnership (The Globe Gazette, Oct. 13)

Psychologist Altmaier comments on spiritual effects of Chilean miners' ordeal (MSNBC, Oct. 13)

Political scientist Hagle comments on preacher's call for ouster of judges (USA Today, Oct. 13)

UI bids farewell to Loh (Daily Iowan, Oct. 13)

New media faculty member Boynton assesses the political power of Twitter (The Hill, Oct. 13)

UI ROTC teacher Henning comments on new book by Iraq War comrade (Ogden Reporter, Oct. 13)

UI science educator Yager edited new volume in Exemplary Science series (Kansas City Star, Oct. 12)

Weber's research finds that pharmacist collaboration helps hypertensive patients (Doctors Lounge, Oct. 12)

Ophthalmologist Tucker wins 2010 NIH Director's New Innovator Award (Press-Citizen, Oct. 12)

UI alumnus was post-WWII academic pioneer in Australia (Sydney Herald, Oct. 12)

KRUI revives 'Live from Prairie Lights' live radio broadcasts (Daily Iowan, Oct. 12)

Baldus' death penalty research cited (Boston Globe, Oct. 12)

UI revitalizes efforts of engagement (Daily Iowan, Oct. 12)

UI alumnus Verghese reviving patient physicals (New York Times, Oct. 12)

Rocklin particpates in under-21 bar-law debate (Des Moines Register, Oct. 12)

UniverCity program seeks balance in housing (Press-Citizen, Oct. 12)

IWP resident Baker is interviewed (Sampsonia Way, Oct. 11)

UI bankruptcy study cited (, Oct. 11)

Whelan writes about marriage and intelligence study (Psychology Today, Oct. 11)

Hagle comments on church influence on judicial elections (Des Moines Register, Oct. 11)

UniverCity Neighborhood Partnership noted (Omaha World Herald, Oct. 11)

Rocklin to participate in 21-only ordinance debate (KCRG, Oct. 11)

Mock Trial club now offers credit hours (Daily Iowan, Oct. 11)

UI Dance Marathon participants run Chicago Marathon (Daily Iowan, Oct. 11)

Grant Wood's tenure at the UI is examined (Chronicle, Oct. 10)

UI construction bids coming in under budget (Press-Citizen, Oct. 10)

Haitian writer wins Iowa Short Fiction Award (Boston Globe, Oct. 10)

Hawkeye Marching Band performs at Band Spectacular (Quad City Times, Oct. 9)

'Live from Prairie Lights' to be broadcast on KRUI (Press-Citizen, Oct. 8)

Book cites UI’s high quality, low cost (Press-Citizen, Oct. 8)

UI company takes entrepreneurial honor (Des Moines Register, Oct. 8)

Hagle comments on voter guides (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Oct. 8)

Kirby analyzes how bacteria move (U.S. News, Oct. 8)

UI physician: fewer intoxicated patients (Press Citizen, Oct. 8)

Buss discusses voting on retention of judges (Radio Iowa, Oct. 7)

UI's Stockreiter discusses slavery today (Press-Citizen, Oct. 7)

Wallace consults on BP spill effects (Daily Iowan, Oct. 7)

Candlelight vigil honors victims of anti-gay bullying (Daily Iowan, Oct. 7)

Leicht comments on middle class 'squeeze' (WBUR Oct. 6)

UI staffer creates 'Hawktivity' book (Des Moines Register, Oct. 6)

Bell named kid captain for Iowa Hawkeyes (Sigourney News-Review, Oct. 6)

Faculty Council approves peer review in post-tenure review policy (Daily Iowan, Oct. 6)

Kandasamy, 2009 IWP resident, was a hit at Poetry Africa 2010 (Book Southern Africa, Oct. 5)

UI road user charge study noted (Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 5)

Parent promotes Ponseti clubfoot treatment (Mormon Times, Oct. 5)

UI students learn ballroom dance (Daily Iowan, Oct. 5)

UI study examines test scores of children conceived by in vitro fertilization (Boston Globe, Oct. 4)

Gronbeck comments on Obama's backyard economic tour (The Hill, Oct. 4)

Interest in UI law service projects nearly doubles (Daily Iowan, Oct. 4)

Editorial cites need for for increased higher education funding (Daily Iowan, Oct. 4)

UI noted in discussion of MFA writing programs (The Millions, Oct. 4)

Driving test software developed at UI (WKRG, Oct. 4)

Hagle comments on political polarization (Quad-City Times, Oct. 4)

UI narrowing list for music building designers (Press Citizen, Oct. 3)

Winokur comments on flu shots (WOWT, Oct. 3)

Hagle says ecconomy is driving issue in elections (Des Moines Register, Oct. 3)

Bloom honored in Nevada (Las Vegas Sun, Oct. 2)

City shows support at UI homecoming parade (Daily Iowan, Oct. 2)

Photoscreening could detect lazy eye in children (Daily News India, Oct. 2)

Orentlicher discusses advantages of a two-person presidency (Wisconsin Public Radio, Oct. 1)

UI economic impact to state is $6 billion (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Oct. 1)

Fisher study finds tax breaks hurt more often than help (San Bernardino Sun, Oct. 1)

Environmentalist McKibben interviewed ahead of Oct. 13 talk at UI (Iowa Source, October 2010)

IWP resident Martysevich is interviewed (Sampsonia Way, Sept. 30)

FEMA approves $150 million for UI flood recovery (Chronicle of Higher Education, Sept. 30)

Whiston warns of politicizing judiciary (Press-Citizen, Sept. 30)

Perlmutter comments on political ads (Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 29)







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