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November 2010

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Porter's research questions banks' standing in foreclosure cases (Knoxville News, Nov. 30)

Theater department's McGraw asks 'Why not art with an expiration date?' (Press-Citizen, Nov. 29)

Project Linus brings fleece blankets to UIHC pediatric patients (Press-Citizen, Nov. 29)

Interest in the Peace Corps is increasing at the UI (Press-Citizen, Nov. 29)

Pediatric neurologist Mathews responds to hemispherectomy treatment for rare seizure syndrome (AOL Health, Nov. 29)

UI's Poe says the Internet has not been transformative (History News Network, Nov. 29)

Emeritus professor Fisher writes on deficit reduction (Daily Iowan, Nov. 29)

UI's Johnson launched tiny house movement (AP, Nov. 29)

Journalism director Perlmutter comments on expectations of PhDs (Chronicle, Nov. 28)

UI's Merchant comments on health woes of the unemployed (Des Moines Register, Nov. 28)

UI psychiatrist Daniolos is partner of new Grinnell president (Des Moines Register, Nov. 28)

Theater company founded by UI alumni goes international (Press-Citizen, Nov. 28)

UI alumnus, one of Sudan's Lost Boys, has homecoming after 22 years (New York Times, Nov. 28)

Cyclists ride for UI Children's Hospital (KCRG, Nov. 27)

Law professor Pettys assesses jeopardy for other Iowa justices (Blog for Iowa, Nov. 27)

UI law students aid low-income parents (Press-Citizen, Nov. 27)

Busy UI directing student stages holiday show in Maine (Bangor Daily News, Nov. 27)

UI political scientist Hagle assesses public opinion of Palin (Guardian, Nov. 26)

Law professor Porter's foreclosure research is cited (Guatemala Times, Nov. 26)

President-emeritus Boyd describes the racial roots of Floyd of Rosedale (New York Times, Nov. 26)

UI opthalmologist Kardon describes nanoparticle treatments for wounded soldiers (Radio Iowa, Nov. 25)

UI art history alumnus has been collecting ornaments for more than 30 years (Des Moines Register, Nov. 25)

UI students earn degrees while deployed (KCRG, Nov. 24)

Joffrey 'Nutcracker' tradition began in Hancher (Wilmette Pioneer Press, Nov. 24)

Boghossian of UI Health Care studies risk for very-low-birth-weight Downs babies (Medscape, Nov. 24)

UI outpacing the nation in study abroad programs (Press-Citizen, Nov. 24)

Iannettoni writes about staging strategies for lung cancer (JAMA, Nov. 24)

MyChart enables UIHC patients to access their medical records from home (Des Moines Register, Nov. 24)

UI begins search for new provost (Chicago Tribune/AP, Nov. 23)

Schmidt finds that game-like sims find good hires (Computerworld, Nov. 23)

Nixon explains why Seattle can't handle snow (Seattle Times, Nov. 23)

UI alumna and her new play at Yale Rep are featured (New Haven Register, Nov. 23)

UI's Tomasini helped Haviland collectors identify porcelain (Virginian-Pilot, Nov. 23)

Anthropologist Lillios says schools should not short-change lunch (Omaha World-Herald, Nov. 22)

UI computer scientist Jones gave sworn statement in call for new election (Fayetteville Observer, Nov. 22)

New tailgating rules have cut excessive drinking (Chicago Tribune/AP, Nov. 22)

UI senior is named Rhodes Scholar (Des Moines Register, Nov. 22)

Graham comments on the ethical dilemmas of anthropology (Inside Higher Ed, Nov. 22)

UI students learn to connect jobs with academics (Chronicle, Nov. 21)

Yiyun Li's new book is reviewed (Providence Journal, Nov. 21)

New UI Press book 'Where Do Birds Live?' is recommended (Minneapolis Star Tribune, Nov. 21)

Allergist Weinberger comments on perfume reactions (ABC, Nov. 19)

Indonesian writer Hirata was in residence at UI (Jakarta Globe, Nov. 19)

UI student wins Pearson Prize (Press-Citizen, Nov. 19)

Thomas describes UI lung cancer research (Press-Citizen, Nov. 19)

Former UI administrator Farrell is profiled (, Nov. 19)

UI professor teaches adult immigrants in West Liberty (Daily Iowan Nov. 18)

UI commercial featuring Brokaw wins WSJ accolade (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 18)

UI sociologist finds 75 percent of job loss has affected men (Huffington Post, Nov. 18)

UI uses computer program to prevent cheating (Daily Iowan, Nov. 18)

Covington says earmarks have little to do with federal budget (Daily Iowan, Nov. 18)

Rocklin comments on possible ban of alcoholic energy drinks (Daily Iowan, Nov. 18)

UI investigates consequences of IEDs (Press-Citizen, Nov. 18)

UI works with company on bio-based plastics (Plastics News, Nov. 17)

UI emergency physician Takacs assesses dangers of caffeinated alcoholic beverages (KCRG, Nov. 17)

UI's Welsh comments on breakthrough in cystic fibrosis treatment research (MedPage, Nov. 17)

Opinion calls legal response to Lie backdating research an 'embarrassment' (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 17)

Students learn about 'human right to well-being' at UI conference (Press-Citizen, Nov. 17)

UI’s School of the Wild gives students hands-on learning (Press-Citizen, Nov. 16)

Writers' Workshop alumnus describes hiring and firing agents (The Awl, Nov. 16)

UI's Sittenfeld says 'American Wife' is the opposite of satire (Guardian, Nov. 16)

Cinema faculty member Altman created 'Living Nickelodeon' (Daily Iowan, Nov. 16)

Porter comments on improper mortgage assignments (Minyanville, Nov. 16)

UI panel discusses bigotry against Muslims (Daily Iowan, Nov. 16)

Lexus studied UI driving simulator (Press-Citizen, Nov. 16)

UI's International Day to educate on human rights (Press-Citizen, Nov. 16)

Porter advocates more direction from courts on mortgage transfers (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 15)

Kids get free eye and ear tests at the UI (Waterloo Courier, Nov. 15)

Hovenkamp comments on Avis divestitures (Bloomberg, Nov. 15)

UI selects School of Music architect (Daily Iowan, Nov. 15)

UI-trained dancer plays 'Billy Elliot" (Chicago Now, Nov. 15)

Buatti of UI cancer center encourages second opinions (Omaha World-Herald, Nov. 15)

Stanleys are honored for encouraging study abroad (Daily Iowan, Nov. 15)

New art museum director O'Harrow pursues a vision (Daily Iowan, Nov. 15)

UI driving researcher Brown sees high-tech devices improving safety (Des Moines Register, Nov. 15)

Rice comments on UI's highly regarded pre-tenure practices (Inside Higher Ed, Nov. 15)

Osterberg says insurance for climate extremes is complex (Mason City Globe Gazette, Nov. 15)

UI writing alumnus now is the repo man of the seas (Guardian, Nov. 15)

UI is one of 32 colleges friendly to junior faculty (Chronicle, Nov. 15)

Writers' Workshop students helped NPR judge three-minute fiction (NPR, Nov. 14)

UI film alumnus' music website draws international attention (Grand Rapids Press, Nov. 14)

Qian finds initial investing success leads to over-confidence (Des Moines Register, Nov. 14)

Kaldjian: doctors should be wary of pharmacy company entanglements (Des Moines Register, Nov. 14)

UI Thirst Station rethinks beverage vending (Press-Citizen, Nov. 14)

UI alumnus writes about the future of newspapers (Republican Journal, Nov. 13)

President Mason voices concerns about heart disease (Press-Citizen, Nov. 13)

Amendola comments on growing trend of sports concussions (Des Moines Register, Nov. 13)

Hancher's Swanson talks about benefit in Spencer (Spencer Daily Reporter, Nov. 13)

Research links vitamin D deficiency, deterioration in leukemia patients (Bloomberg Business Week, Nov. 12)

UI research could develop more reliable turbines (North American Windpower, Nov. 12)

Opera star Estes talks about his time at the UI (Daily Times Herald, Nov. 12)

UI researchers present findings of alcohol research (Medical News, Nov. 12)

Investigations into backdating scandal identified by Lie's UI research fizzle (New York Times, Nov. 12)

New play tells story of UI WWII vet (Orlando Sentinel, Nov. 11)

Dance/theater legend Martha Clarke stages world premiere at the UI (Daily Iowan, Nov. 11)

UI endodontist Johnson comments on new extraction guide (Dentistry IQ, Nov. 11)

Muscatine doctor uses UI chemical engineering experience for home brewing (Muscatine Journal, Nov. 11)

Hosp comments on special education programs (Press-Citizen, Nov. 11)

Hardy-Fairbanks says vaccination of pregnant women protects newborns from pertussis (Internal Medicine News, Nov. 11)

International Writing Program collaborates with dance company in D.C. (News Blaze, Nov. 11)

Keller explains graduate-program cuts (Chicago Tribune/AP, Nov. 11)

Writers' Workshop graduate fellow writes about poetry (Atlantic, Nov. 10)

UI veterans conference promotes engagement across state (Des Moines Register, Nov. 10)

UI conference focuses on veterans (Daily Iowan, Nov. 10)

Giblin shares Tanzanian culture at the UI (Daily Iowan, Nov. 10)

Engelhardt says researchers are in wait-and-see mode after election (Press-Citizen, Nov. 10)

Porter says flawed foreclosures are not isolated incidents (Charlotte Observer, Nov. 10)

Achrazoglou writes that diversity should go beyond tolerance (Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Nov. 9)

Kerber writes about citizenship law (Slate, Nov. 9)

Wallace is selected for Nurse Faculty Scholars program (Nurse, Nov. 9)

Berkowitz comments on new international project (nebusiness, Nov. 9)

UI liver services director LaBrecque comments on hepatitis therapy (Medscape, Nov. 9)

UI hosts veterans conference (Daily Iowan, Nov. 9)

UI driving study shows drowsy is the new drunk (US News, Nov. 8)

Osterberg assesses mold-related health problems (Mason City Globe Gazette, Nov. 8)

Stoltz comments on UI cystic fibrosis study (Nature, Nov. 8)

Plame will speak at the UI (Des Moines Register, Nov. 8)

Psychiatrist Troutman says difficult babies do better at home (KidGlue, Nov. 8)

'Blackout in a can' worries UI's Ahmed (Press-Citizen, Nov. 8)

First class of UI REACH graduates enter job market (Daily Iowan, Nov. 8)

Tippie EMBA program expands to Des Moines (Des Moines Business Record, Nov. 8)

Perlmutter's new book is reviewed (Chronicle, Nov. 7)

Hagle says election changed everything for Vander Plaats (Gazette, Nov. 7)

Veterans conference planned at University of Iowa (Chicago Tribune, Nov. 7)

UI's financial aid director Warner says economy affects college options for Iowa families (AP/Mason City Globe Gazette, Nov. 7)

UI political scientist Hagle says that after Supreme Court vote Vander Plaats' political stock rises (Sioux City Journal, Nov. 7)

Book about Grant Wood is reviewed (Boston Globe, Nov. 7)

Buresh says sanitation is a major issue for Haiti (KCRG, Nov. 6)

UI Hospitals and Clinics record system wins rave reviews (Press-Citizen, Nov. 6)

UI participates in international HIV study (Radio Iowa, Nov. 5)

UI online courses noted (New York Times, Nov. 5)

NonfictioNow celebrates 'overlooked' genre (Daily Iowan, Nov. 5)

Students play zombie game (Daily Iowan, Nov. 5)

WRAC benefit draws about 200 (Press-Citizen, Nov. 5)

UI graduate starts tutoring business (KCRG, Nov. 5)

UI driving simulator research noted (Herald Sun, Nov. 5)

UI lung screening trial shows CT scans save lives (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Nov. 4)

UI study suggests experience does not help novice investors (WOWT-TV, Nov. 4)

Class supports veterans (Daily Iowan, Nov. 4)

Branstad got start in politics at UI (Minneapolis Star Tribune, Nov. 4)

Former Hawkeye linebacker Quast quoted in story on NFL heart disease risks (New York Times, Nov. 3)

Pettys says Supreme Court vote will deter justices (Cedar Rapids Gazette, Nov. 3)

Pettys explains how Iowa voters ousted three Supreme Court justices (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 3)

Pettys says Culver can appoint new justices (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 3)

Pettys comments on justice retention vote (USA Today, Nov. 3)

Rocklin comments on 21-only ordinance (Press-Citizen, Nov. 3)

Whiston, Hagle comment on Iowa Supreme Justice vote (Daily Iowan Nov. 3)

UI engineering seniors will help build bridge in Nicaragua (Daily Iowan Nov. 3)

McLeod's 'Copyright Criminals' to be screened (Free Times, Nov. 3)

IEM started trending to GOP in late spring (, Nov. 2)

Flood protection projects announced (Press-Citizen, Nov. 2)

Graduate student union seeks pay raises (Press-Citizen, Nov. 2)

UI offered Elvis Presley class (Fox News Chicago, Nov. 2)

Freyer exhibit explores motivation for holding onto objects (LaCrosse Tribune, Nov. 2)

Iowa Flood Center receives funds for flood mitigation projects (The Gazette, Nov. 1)

UI international students experience their first Halloween (Daily Iowan, Nov. 1)

Whiteman, Dove comment on state revenue outlook (Press-Citizen, Nov. 1)

UI sets sustainability goals (Daily Iowan, Nov. 1)

Student government promotes scholarship (Daily Iowan, Nov. 1)

Pettys, Hagle comment on state constitutional convention vote (Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, Nov. 1)







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