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Filed Dec. 2, 2010

UI program trains thousands in emergency procedures
At The University of Iowa, the Emergency Medical Services Learning Resources Center trains thousands of individuals in emergency procedures each year. In the December edition of “Iowa Insights,” Doug York, the center’s director, talks about the course work, the center’s experienced staff, and what it takes to be cut out for work that—quite literally—is a matter of life or death. (Run time: 6:09)

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Filed Nov. 1, 2010

How community-based tourism will assist an African locale

In developing countries, tourism profits often pad the pockets of foreign investors. But an organization called Travel for Change is helping one African community keep its tourism dollars.

This edition of “Iowa Insights” features the University of Iowa women behind the effort: Urban and Regional Planning grad student MaryGrace Weber, and Swahili instructor Blandina Giblin. (Run time: 7:22)

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Filed Oct. 4, 2010

Could a chocolate a day keep preeclampsia at bay?

Chocolate probably isn’t the first food that comes to mind when creating a healthful prenatal diet, but a recent study from the University of Iowa and Yale University found that regular consumption of the sweet treat is associated with a reduced risk of preeclampsia, a serious disorder that occurs in 4 to 5 percent of all pregnancies in the United States.

This month’s edition of the “Iowa Insights” features the lead author of the study, UI professor of epidemiology Audrey Saftlas. (Run time: 4:51)

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Filed Sept. 2, 2010

Until Cryonics Do Us Part

Cryonics can have a chilling effect on a relationship -– just imagine the tension if one person wants to be frozen after death and the other thinks it’s a wacky idea.

This month's edition of the "Iowa Insights" podcast focuses on the topic, featuring a New York Times Magazine piece written by Kerry Howley, a graduate student in the University of Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program. Howley’s essay, "Until Cryonics Do Us Part," was published in July.
(Run time: 7:30)

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Filed May 3, 2010

Segment 1: Nicole Riehl visits with UI senior Kyle Vint about his experience on the University’s small but mighty debate team. Iowa Debate, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, captured its fourth national title since 2000 and won its seventh straight district title. (Cue: 1:18)
Segment 2: Gary Galluzzo speaks with Chris Brochu, associate professor of geoscience, whose investigation into existing fossil collections shows that crocodiles of about two million years ago were more diverse than previously thought. (Cue: 6:42)
Segment 3: Anne Kapler talks with Kate Fitzgerald, Iowa’s assistant director of residence life, who shares summer shopping suggestions for students eager to outfit their first residence hall room, and provides practical advice for parents preparing for move-in day. (Cue: 10:41)

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Filed April 1, 2010

Segment 1: Christopher Clair talks with University of Iowa Pediatrician Linda Cooper-Brown about picky eaters and how to encourage kids to eat a balanced diet. (1:06)
Segment 2: Lois Gray interviews Susan Assouline, associate director of the College of Education's Belin-Blank Center, about the first national center for twice-exceptional students, which is being established at the UI. (3:55)

Segment 3: Nicole Riehl speaks with UI student Abbie Gruwell, an intern in the Office of Sustainability, about her trip to the Climate Exchange in Copenhagen and her involvement with environmental causes. (7:00)

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Filed March 1, 2010

Segment 1: Tom Snee talks with management and organizations professor Ann Campbell, an expert in transportation logistics, about the difficulty of providing relief and reconstruction in Haiti (1:10).

Segment 2: Lois Gray talks with international programs professor Maureen McCue about a class she teaches that will visit Haiti at the end of the semester and provided earthquake relief. (4:40)

Segment 3: Nicole Riehl talks with history professor Leslie Schwalm about her new book, “Emancipation’s Diaspora,” and explains how the end of slavery in the South changed Iowa and the Midwest. (8:20)

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Filed February 1, 2010

Segment 1: Christopher Clair visits with Pam White, director of UI Pentacrest Museums, who talks about the UI Museum of Art’s post-flood partnership with the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, the museum’s presence on campus, and the process of envisioning a new art museum. Cue: 1:26

Segment 2: Gary Galluzzo speaks with Jon Kuhl, researcher in the Public Policy Center and professor of electrical and computer engineering, about Kuhl’s federally-funded study of a mileage-based, road-user charge system that might one day replace the current motor fuel tax. Cue: 5:59

Segment 3: Jen Brown talks to Beverly Davidson, professor of internal medicine in the Carver College of Medicine, about Davidson’s research to develop treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, using the blood brain barrier as a therapy delivery system. Cue: 10:19

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