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Archives: 2008 | 2007 | 2006

Filed December 1, 2009

Segment 1: Nicole Riehl talks to Leisure Studies Professor Ben Hunnicutt about how work-sharing arrangements have been used to preserve jobs during past recessions in the United States and abroad. Cue: 1:10

Segment 2: Lois Gray interviews Counseling Psychology Professor John Westefeld about suicide prevention. Cue: 4:54

Segment 3: Becky Soglin chats with Dietician Denise Albert of University of Iowa Health Care on tips for weight management during the holidays. Cue: 9:06

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Filed November 2, 2009

Segment 1: Anne Kapler talks with Rachel Marie-Crane Williams, an associate professor of art, about how she uses art classes to inspire incarcerated women and teens. Cue: 1:13

Segment 2: Jennifer Brown talks with Pam Hoogerwerf of the University of Iowa Children's Hospital about the Safety Store, a hospital resource that offers low-cost child safety products to families and guidance on how to use them. Cue: 4:45

Segment 3: John Riehl talks with Paul Hanley, associate professor of urban and regional planning, about his graduate students, who bring sustainability to small-town Iowa through an educational outreach project. Cue: 7:50

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Filed October 1, 2009

Segment 1: Benjamin Nugent, a student in the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop, discusses his book “American Nerd: The Story of My People” with Nicole Riehl. In the book, Nugent explains the history of nerds, reflects on his own experience as a nerd, and catches up with some of his nerdy friends from high school to see what became of them. Cue: 1:18.
Segment 2: Randy Bezanson, professor in the College of Law, speaks with Tom Snee about his new book, “Art and Freedom of Speech,” and why the legal system is so reluctant to examine that issue. Cue: 5:33.
Segment 3:Beth Hochstedler, University Hygienic Laboratory (UHL) education and outreach coordinator, talks with Becky Soglin about “Did You See That?,” a new DVD-based game created by UHL that highlights the many professions in public health. Cue: 9:14.

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Filed September 1, 2009

Iowa Insights: September 2009

Segment 1: David Perlmutter, the new director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, chats with Nicole Riehl about how the school is responding to major changes in the media industry. Cue: 1:10
Segment 2: Dr. Judith Crossett, a geriatric psychiatrist with University of Iowa Health Care, speaks with Becky Soglin about maintaining emotional wellbeing later in life. Cue: 5:12
Segment 3: Jim Elmborg, director of the School of Library and Information Science, talks with John Riehl about a grant that will help address a shortage of teacher-librarians in schools across Iowa. Cue: 9:22
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Filed August 10, 2009

Iowa Insights: Aug. 10, 2009
Special Edition

Steve Parrott speaks with Hancher Executive Director Chuck Swanson about how the Joffrey Ballet is raising money to help Hancher Auditorium and the School of Music recover from the 2008 flood. Swanson also tells the story behind the university's extraordinary relationship with the Joffrey.

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Filed August 1, 2009

Iowa Insights: Aug. 1, 2009
Back To School Edition

Segment 1: Christopher Clair interviews pediatrics professor Linda J. Cooper-Brown with the University of Iowa Children's Hospital about how
parents can reduce the chance for tears and tantrums on the first day of school. Cue: 1:10

Segment 2: Lois Gray interviews Malik Henfield, assistant professor in the UI College of Education, about how to identify and effectively deal with
bullying. Cue: 4:49

Segment 3: Jennifer Brown talks with Ned Amendola, director of UI Sports Medicine, about sports physicals for student athletes. Cue: 9:28

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Filed July 1, 2009

Iowa Insights: July 1, 2009 Episode

Segment 1: Anne Kapler talks with Liz Christiansen, director of the Office of Sustainability, about Iowa’s current conservation efforts and how the University is bringing the issue of sustainability into the classroom. Cue: 1:13.
Segment 2: Nicole Riehl speaks with Nonfiction Writing Program director Robin Hemley about his book “Do-Over!” which chronicles his present-day recreations of humiliating experiences from his childhood. Cue: 4:44.
Segment 3: Gary Galluzzo talks with College of Engineering Dean Barry Butler about the college’s leadership role in the Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development, or IAWIND. Cue: 8:22.

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Filed June 1, 2009

Iowa Insights: June 1, 2009 Episode

Segment 1: One year after the historic flood of 2008, campus planning director Rod Lehnertz discusses how the university plans to protect the campus from future flooding by the Iowa River. At the same time, he says the university is working to make sure the iconic river remains a vibrant part of the university campus. Cue: 1:10

Segment 2: English professor Stephen Kuusisto, blind since birth, talks about new disability studies courses he’s teaching. He also discusses why it’s important for universities to offer classes on the topic. Cue: 5:00

Segment 3: Engineering professor Craig Just talks about a handheld device invented at the University of Iowa that costs less than $10 and turns unpotable water into safe drinking water. Just is currently looking for financing to help manufacture and distribute the devices to developing countries. Cue: 8:20

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Filed May 1, 2009

Iowa Insights: May 1, 2009 Episode

Segment 1: UI sociologist Christine Whelan explains a new study on what men and women want in a partner. The results: guys increasingly seek women with earning potential, and are less interested in chastity. Women are increasingly interested a man who wants a family and are less picky about whether he’s Mr. Nice Guy.

Segment 2: Scott King, director of the UI Office of International Students and Scholars, describes the university’s efforts to recruit Iraqi students. The UI is participating in a broader initiative to bring 50,000 of the cream-of-the-crop Iraqi scholars to the U.S. to pursue higher education so they can return to their home country and help rebuild the infrastructure shattered by six years of war.

Segment 3: Jeff Schott, director of the Institute of Public Affairs, discusses ways local government can cope with the current economic recession as the demand for public services remains steady or increases. Schott stresses the importance of promoting economic development to sustain the property tax base.

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Filed February 18, 2009

Video Feature: UI alumnus' daughter benefits from Dance Marathon funds

University of Iowa alumnus Kevin Waul says he and his wife chose to live in North Liberty with their four children because of family and the quality of life. Two years ago they discovered a new reason they were glad they stayed in this community: their oldest daughter, Sarah, 4, was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a rare disease in which cancer cells are found in bone or soft issue. Learn how the Wauls benefited from the expertise of the health care team at University of Iowa Children's Hospital, and how the more than $1 million raised during the 15th University of Iowa Dance Marathon will benefit other families like the Wauls.

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