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Feb. 6, 2009

Carolyn Jones to step down as dean of College of Law

Carolyn Jones, the first woman to serve as dean of the University of Iowa College of Law, has announced she will step down from leading her alma mater in summer 2010 and return to the faculty.

Jones has been dean since July 2004, when she succeeded William Hines. A native of Carroll, Iowa, Jones received her law degree from UI in 1979 and her undergraduate degree in 1976.

"Dean Jones truly is a trailblazer in university history, and we thank her for advancing the academic excellence of the college," said Wallace Loh, University of Iowa executive vice president and provost. "Under her leadership, the college continues among the top 10 public law schools in the U.S., with distinguished legal scholars, a first-rate law library, and outstanding graduates in the legal profession, in Iowa and throughout the country."

Following her graduation from the UI College of Law, Jones worked as an attorney in Sioux City for three years before joining the academic ranks. She was on the faculty at St. Louis University and the University of Connecticut before returning to Iowa.

Jones' legal specialty is tax law, and her research specialty is the legal history of American taxation. She has contributed to five books on tax law and is the author of numerous scholarly articles on the issue. She has also made numerous presentations about tax issues, estate law and Social Security.


"It has been a very great privilege to serve as Dean of the University of Iowa College of Law, not least because it is my law school. I have told Executive Vice President and Provost Wallace Loh that I will step down as dean June 30, 2010 after six years as dean. I then plan to ascend to the fourth floor and join my faculty colleagues, rekindling my teaching and scholarly interests in taxation and the nonprofit world. I feel the draw of teaching and research, and I am quite clear that I need more time to attend to those close to me.

The wonderful things that have happened at the college in the past five years are all collaborative efforts - none brought about by any one person. I am enormously proud of the staff members who have joined the College of Law or have taken on new responsibilities during the past five years. We have improved our programming, technology and strategically focused our efforts. Our library remains one of the very best law libraries in the country and a true service to Iowa lawyers, the campus community and legal scholars around the world. We have electrified classrooms (literally) and improved technology in the classrooms and around the building. We have worked to place the College of Law into a sustainable and prudent financial situation.

We have reformed the curriculum at the college by creating and implementing the Legal Analysis, Writing and Research program, which provides more classroom time and emphasis on just those foundational aspects of legal training. We have revised the first year curriculum to include an elective course, while preserving Iowa's strong emphasis on writing and a high quality academic experience. We have enhanced our commitment to experiential learning by implementing a new externship program to allow our students to leave the classroom during the summers and explore the diversity of legal experience in governmental and nonprofit settings. Our students, with law school support, have begun their professional careers with a true commitment to public service both by volunteering with community groups, and engaging in pro bono legal services to provide a return to the people of Iowa for their support for education here. It has been particularly gratifying to see their selfless and amazing efforts in post-Katrina New Orleans and in post-flood Cedar Rapids. The call to future lawyers to serve as servants and leaders is a thread throughout this college's programs -- from law reform efforts of our faculty to the statewide efforts of our Larned Waterman Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center to our Citizen Lawyer Program. Our public service programs have been ranked 13th in the country by Jurist magazine. Our goal is to prepare lawyers who are true professionals for the twenty-first century with a sense of vocation, intellectual rigor and legal acumen that will make the state, nation and the world better.

At the core of any College of Law is its faculty. We have worked to create programs that reward faculty research productivity and enhance our capacity to retain strong faculty. We have an outstanding and nationally known faculty. I am very proud of the faculty, who have come to us in the past five years.  Our faculty are strong voices nationally and internationally. They are highly productive teachers and scholars. We have worked to make sure that their ideas both written and spoken are part of both academic and policy discussions.

I must also thank our wonderful alumni and donors, most especially, our Iowa Law School Foundation Board, chaired by Robert Bouma. This college would not enjoy the high quality and reputation that it does without the work, contributions and care provided by our friends throughout the nation and the world. There is a worldwide Iowa College of Law community of enormous breadth and depth, and it enriches student and faculty experiences each and every day.

Many thanks as well to the leaders of the judiciary and the legal profession in Iowa. I have truly enjoyed their counsel and company. The state is very fortunate to have devoted professionals who care about justice.

There is much more work to do. Challenging times lie ahead. I will do my very best to help us all navigate the turbulence with our goals and priorities well in mind. Many thanks to you all."

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