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Dec. 13, 2007

UI student named scholar assistant to pursue research with faculty mentor

(Student name) of (hometown) is one of 84 University of Iowa students named a scholar assistant with the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU). ICRU scholar assistants are selected annually and receive a stipend to collaborate with faculty on individual research projects. (Name) is the (student) of (parents/guardian names).

Scholar assistants build on the knowledge acquired in class by gaining firsthand experience working with distinguished faculty. The experience culminates with student presentations at the UI Spring Undergraduate Research Forum.

This year, scholar assistants are pursuing work in a wide range of disciplines. From developing new methods of lost-wax casting -- an ancient process for sculpting jewelry -- to exploring the use of biomass for energy generation and global warming reduction, scholars are involved in a myriad of projects, according to Bob Kirby, ICRU director.

In addition, students are making strides in medical research at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and exploring the works of dance choreographers. These projects represent the breadth and availability of undergraduate opportunities at the UI, Kirby said.

The scholar assistant program is administered by ICRU, a new enterprise established to provide outstanding undergraduate research opportunities on the UI campus for UI students.

EDITORS: This release indicates that a student from your readership area has been awarded an ICRU Scholar Assistant Award. Students are listed by state and hometown, name and parent/guardian names. Iowa students are listed first.


AMES: Christina Mae McClelland, John McClelland and Linda Seaverson, Award Amount $2,500

AMES: Sarah Golbon Raaii, Ahmad Raaii and Simin Sotoodeh, Award Amount $2,500

AUDUBON: Jessica Nicole Andersen, Tim and Janice Andersen, Award Amount $1,250

BETTENDORF: Andrew Michael McNeely, Bruce and Carol McNeely, Award Amount $2,500

BURLINGTON: Brandon W Upton, Craig and Paulette Upton, Award Amount $1,250

BUSSEY: Jason Edward Allen, Randol and Darla Allen, Award Amount $2,500

CEDAR RAPIDS: Philip L. Kennedy, Karen Kennedy, Award Amount $2,500

CEDAR RAPIDS: Maria Matinova Robinson, Nina and Martin Robinson, Award Amount $2,500

CENTERVILLE: Nikhil V Batra, Narendra and Raini Batra, Award Amount $2,500

CENTERVILLE: Bryan P Koestner, Paul and Tara Koestner, Award Amount $2,500

CLEAR LAKE: Francisco Nicolas Lovan, Phomma and Sivilay Lovan, Award Amount $2,500

CLIVE: Randal Adam Leggett, Philip and Susan Leggett, Award Amount $2,500

COLUMBUS JUNCTION: Ryan David Gerling, Donna an John Carpenter, Award Amount $2,500

CORALVILLE: Timothy Sam Triechel, Catherine Treichel, Award Amount $2,500

DES MOINES: Eric Y Mou, Mei Guo and Beiquan Mou, Award Amount $2,500

DUBUQUE: Alyssa R Madison, Annette Hall, Award Amount $2,500

DYERSVILLE: Jennifer Lynn Heacock, Carence and Cindy Heacock, Award Amount $2,500

ELDRIDGE: Nicole Anne Parsons, Tom Parsons and Corinne and Gary Rasso, Award Amount $2500 (also of St Louis Park, Minn.)

ELKADER: Elaine Ardis Bossard, Bruce and Betty Landis, Award Amount $2,500

IOWA CITY: Sara E Dietz, Bryan and Barb Dietz, Award Amount $2,500

IOWA CITY: Tyler Michael Gunn, Michael and Jody Gunn, Award Amount $2,500

IOWA CITY: Andrej Lenert, Gordana and Petar Lenert, Award Amount $2,500

IOWA CITY: Benjamin Quic Mai, Tuyet Mai and Randy Nguyen and grandmother An Ho, Award Amount $2,500

IOWA CITY: Jennifer Irene Merickel, Linda Merickel, Award Amount $2,500

IOWA CITY: Brianna Renee Rodriquez, Agustin and Elvia Rodriquez, Award Amount $2,500

IOWA CITY: Allison J Smith, Janet Smith and Tim Smith, Award Amount $2,500

KEOKUK: Frank Justin Lumetta, Arletta Lumetta, Albert and Luna Jean Gatton, Award Amount $2,500

LAKE MILLS: Emily Jean Georgia, William and Debra Georgia, Award Amount $2,500

MOUNT PLEASANT: Ryan Michael Whitaker, Richard and Stephanie Whitaker, Award Amount $1,250

MUSCATINE: Kelly Morgan Cook, Robert and Donna Cook, Award Amount $1,250

NORTH LIBERTY: Natalie Lora Adams, Loren and Susan Adams, Award Amount $2,500

OSAGE: Amanda Lynn Hollatz, Bob and Colleen Hollatz, Award Amount $2,500

PELLA: Courtney Jo Fleenor, Sharyl and Jeff Fleenor, Award Amount $2,500

ROSE HILL: Neo Elizabeth Buenger McAdams, Pat McAdams and Glenda Buenger, Award Amount $2,500

SIOUX CITY: Adam Benjamin Althaus, Gary and Tracey Althaus, Award Amount $2,500

SIOUX CITY: John R Froehlig, John Froehlig St. and Anita Froehlig, Award Amount $2,500

SIOUX CITY: William Michael Storm, Edward and Cindy Storm, Award Amount $2,500

SIOUX CITY: Ann Elizabeth Twohig, Joseph and Molly Twohig, Award Amount $2,500

URBANDALE: Alexandra Barrett Keenan, Jan Barrett and David Keenan, Award Amount $2,500

WATERLOO: Elizabeth L Stoycheff, Jim and Gayle Stoycheff, Award Amount $1250

WEST DES MOINES: Zane M Scott-Tunkin, Gary Scott and Marena Tunkin, Award Amount $1,250


ANCHORAGE: Kayla Delores Resnick, Richard Resnick, Award Amount $2500


ANDALUSIA: Michael Aaron Cripps, Rebecca and Douglas Cripps, Award Amount $2,500

DOWNERS GROVE: Patrick W Romani, William and Patricia Romani, Award Amount $2,500

DOWNERS GROVE: Erik Ryan Schuessler, Robert Schuessler and Joanne Schuessler, Award Amount $2,500

DUNLAP: Rob Christian Null, Ed and Chris Null, Award Amount $2,500

EAST MOLINE: Rebecca Anne Coe, Marty and Teri Coe, Award Amount $2,500

HAWTHORN WOODS: Rebecca Elizabeth Shattuck, Chuck and Marilyn Shattuck, Award Amount $1,250

MOLINE: Joseph William Thorngren, Dan and Melissa Thorngren, Award Amount $2,500

NAPERVILLE: Stephen Michael Blecha, Nowell and Kathy Blecha, Award Amount $2,500

WALNUT: Samantha Keeley Watkins, Willy and Robbie Watkins, Award Amount $2,500


MUNCIE: Tana Nicole Truelove, Ronald Truelove, Award Amount $2,500

SAINT JOHN: Myles M Melyon, Mark and Gerardette Melyon, Award Amount $2,500


MAPLE GROVE: Peter Ricci Pellegrino, Tom and Terry Pellegrino, Award Amount $2,500

MINNETONKA: Sarah Louise Dow, George Dow and Bonita Hill, Award Amount $2,500

MINNETRISTA: Jenna Marie Ely, Jodi and John Ely, Award Amount $2,500

ST. LOUIS PARK: Nicole Anne Parsons, Tom Parsons and Corinne and Gary Rasso, Award Amount $2,500 (also of Eldridge, Iowa)

ST. PAUL: Chelsea St Jeor Georgesen, Bruce Georgesen and Michelle St. Jeor, Award Amount $2,500


OMAHA: Bridgid Marie Freymuller, William and Catherine Freymuller, Award Amount $2,500

New York

HEWLETT: Areeba Fatima, Dr. and Mrs. Qazi Inamul Hai, Award Amount $2,500


PORT NECHES: Rachel Lee Barger, Steve Barger and Gail Pickens-Barger, Award Amount $2,500

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MEDIA CONTACTS: Katherine Wildman, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates, 319-335-8336,; Lois J. Gray, University News Services, 319-384-0077,

MEDIA CONTACT: Lois J. Gray, University News Services, 319-384-0077,