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Dec. 7, 2007

UI student receives undergraduate research awards

(STUDENT NAME) of (HOMETOWN) and their mentor, (MENTOR NAME) recently received the fall 2007 Iowa Research Experiences for Undergraduates (IREU) Award sponsored by the University of Iowa Vice President for Research. The IREU recognition provides an opportunity for outstanding undergraduates to develop their intellectual skills by taking part in one-on-one research with distinguished UI faculty.

Awards provide up to $3,000 to support the student and their project. The 17 awards represent a variety of creative projects with students working in 16 departments across three colleges. (NAME) is the student of (parents/guardian names).

The award is administered by the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU), a new enterprise established to provide outstanding undergraduate research opportunities on the UI campus for UI students.

For more information, contact Katherine Wildman at 319-335-8336 or

EDITORS: This release indicates that a student from your readership area has been awarded an IREU Award. Students are listed by state and hometown, name and parent/guardian names. Iowa students are listed first as city: Student, Project Title, Mentor and Parent/Guardian.


BLOOMFIELD: Ashley Leyda, Sex Offender Recidivism in Minnesota and the Importance of Law and News Coverage, Robert Baller, Jeff and Deb Leyda

CEDAR RAPIDS: Meghann C Mahoney, On the Trail of the Butcher of Noviomagus:  Analyzing Faunal Remains from the Roman Temple of Mercury and Fortuna, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Glenn Storey, Patrick K and Sydney L Mahoney

CEDAR RAPIDS: Austin Peiffer, Musical Composition and Mathematics: The Geometry of Musical events, Dennis Roseman, Joe and Becky Peiffer

DES MOINES: Brandon Menke, Undergraduate Research on Eicosanoid Activation of PPAR-gamma, Andrew Norris, Matthew and Debra Menke

DES MOINES: Ashlee Swinton, Poverty, Family Structure, and Mental Health: An Assessment of the Relationships, Mary Noonan, Kimberly Szabo

IOWA CITY: Sean McGivern, Genetics of Abnormal Eye Movements, John Fingert, Dan and Cludy McGivern

IOWA CITY: Erika Mekies, A Processing Prosthesis to Facilitate Communication in Aphasia, Jean Gordon, Marcia Akeson and Saul Mekies

MUSCATINE: William Gray, Leading a Volunteer Software Development Team for Robotic Simulation Research and an International Competition, Geb Thomas, Mark and Mary Gray

NEVADA: Myra Laird, The Evolution of a Common Caribbean Reef Coral and Its Relationship with Environmental Change, Ann Budd, David and Diana Laird

SPIRIT LAKE: Whitney Lester, Predicting Adolescent Functioning From Early Childhood Temperament and Parenting Style, Lee Anna Clark, Dave and Cindy Lester


DIXON: Eric Holthaus, Transforming the West: One Easement at a Time, David Bennett, John and Mary Holthaus


HONOLULU: Christopher Kurahashi, Visual Attention in Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in Patients, Erik, St Louis, Dianne Muranaka and Keith Kurahashi

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MEDIA CONTACTS: Katherine Wildman, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates, 319-335-8336,, Lois J. Gray, University News Services, 319-384-0077,