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Nov. 8, 2006

Belin-Blank Center Honors Students, Schools

(STUDENT'S NAME) of (HOMETOWN) is among the more than 1,000 students and teachers from Iowa and throughout the nation who were recently invited to be honored at the University of Iowa Belin-Blank Center's Recognition Ceremony. Additionally, recognized students were given the opportunity to honor a teacher they credited for having a profound influence on their lives. [FIRST OPTIONAL GRAPH: (STUDENT'S LAST NAME) selected (TEACHER'S NAME) of (HOMETOWN) for this honor.]

[SECOND OPTIONAL GRAPH: Also honored at this year's ceremony were the Iowa schools that were ranked among the Top 25 of the Iowa Advanced Placement Index. The index rating was calculated by dividing the number of AP exams taken by the number of students in the school's graduating class. (SCHOOL) in (TOWN) was among the Top 25 of the Iowa AP Index.

The ceremony was held Oct. 14 at Hancher Auditorium on the UI campus.

Students were invited to be recognized by the center for exceptional performance in the Belin-Blank Center student talent search, for receiving scholarships for Belin-Blank Center summer residential programs for gifted students, for being meritorious awardees at the Invent Iowa State Invention Convention, or for having been admitted to the Iowa Talent Project or the National Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering.

Addressing the students, teachers and guests via videotape was U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), who acknowledged the accomplishments of those being honored. Gary Fethke, interim president of the University of Iowa, also addressed the honorees. Keynote speakers included Katie Porter, professor in the UI College of Law and former Belin-Blank Center student, and Donald Whalen, a UI student from Crawfordsville, Iowa, admitted through the National Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering.

STORY SOURCE: University of Iowa News Services, 300 Plaza Centre One, Suite 371, Iowa City: Iowa 52242-2500.

CONTACTS: Media: Stephen Pradarelli, 319-384-0007, Program: Jerilyn Fisher, Belin-Blank Center administrator for conferences and publications, 319-335-6148,

EDITORS: Receipt of this hometown news release indicates that someone from your coverage area was recognized during the Belin-Blank Center ceremony. Information is listed as follows after each state: Student hometown, student first and last name and (only if the student nominated a teacher) teacher first and last name teacher hometown and teacher state. Iowa students are listed first, followed by students from other states. Also, the listing of Iowa AP Index schools is provided, including their city and the school's ranking within the top 25.




Adel: William Virden, Lori Boston, Dallas Center, Iowa

Agency: Jacoby Deshler

Agency: Michael Goering, Katie Ghent, Fairfield, Iowa

Agency: Rachel Goering, Priscilla Coffman, Eldon, Iowa

Albia: Alexander Mason, Deanna Van Egdom, Albia, Iowa

Algona: Braden Menke, Christy VanDeventer, Algona, Iowa

Allerton: Tyler Anderson, Don Brauhn, Dubuque, Iowa

Allerton: Chelsy Nekvinda

Alton: Alexis Conaway

Altoona: Mary Ballard

Altoona: Tyler O'Connor

Ames: Lucy Chen, Jayne Staniforth, Ames, Iowa

Ames: Lawrence Chiou

Ames: Hong-Ah Do, Joy Tweedt, Slater, Iowa

Ames: Marley Dobyns, Cappie Dobyns, Ames, Iowa

Ames: Eric Garasky

Ames: Atli Heimisson

Ames: Tony Koford

Ames: Charlotte Mann, Twyla Anderson, Ames, Iowa

Ames: Maxwell Peterson, Ron Heinen, Ames, Iowa

Ames: Theisen Sanders, Kris Magel, Ames, Iowa

Ames: Akshay Sanghi

Ames: David Shirbroun, Jayne Staniforth, Ames, Iowa

Ames: Eric Smith, Carleen Anderson

Ames: Nirvan Tyagi

Ames: Katie Uhde, Gene McClugage, Story City, Iowa

Ames: Sophia Villarreal

Ames: Lindsey Wyckoff

Anamosa: Jacklyn Engelbart, Bernie Keeney, Anamosa, Iowa

Anita: Alyssa Kragelund

Anita: Cullen Turner, Mary Strong, Atlantic, Iowa

Ankeny: Leah Pieper

Ankeny: Samantha Snygg

Ankeny: Zachary Wubben, Jan Keese, Huxley, Iowa

Aplington: Jessica Thompson, Virgina Beecher, Dike, Iowa

Arnolds Park: Zachary Skopec, Sara Miller, New London, Iowa

Asbury: Natalie Weires

Atkins: Emily Sebetka

Avoca: Nicholas Ahern, LuAnn Barrett, Shelby, Iowa

Avoca: Johnni Schueman, Angie Maassen, Hancock, Iowa

Baxter: Andrew Northrup, Pat Trotter, Newton, Iowa

Bellevue: Alexia Budde

Bettendorf: Kevin Breckenfelder

Bettendorf: Isaac Bries, Vinnie Smith, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: John Brooks, Kathy Cline, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Cameron Brown

Bettendorf: Daniel Byrne, Lorna Sawyer, Princeton, Iowa

Bettendorf: Zachary Childers, Rodney Childers, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Nicholas DeLessio, Jennifer DenHartog, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Jacqueline Dreher, Marianne Marcek, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Karina Foster-Middleton Kathy Pickett, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Elizabeth Hickman

Bettendorf: Morgan Hoke, William Grothus, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Leighton Huch, Marianne Marcek, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Madison Jensen, Jeff Paul, Rock Island, IL

Bettendorf: Ryan Kelly, Amanda Maurer, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Jenna Kinyon, Stephanie Maxwell, Davenport, Iowa

Bettendorf: Michelle Larsen, Mary Radloff, Rock Island, IL

Bettendorf: Kellen Laude, Julie Small, Camanche, Iowa

Bettendorf: Stephen Manley-Buser Marianne Marcek, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Carolyn McGuire, Louise Jesson, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Emily Misak, Colleen Gordon, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Andrew Oswald

Bettendorf: Alexander Perk, Marianne Marcek, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: Amanda Phan, Zachary Day, Davenport, Iowa

Bettendorf: Evan Rahn

Bettendorf: Laura Rodriguez

Bettendorf: Shelby Rouse

Bettendorf: Neil Saigal

Bettendorf: Carolyn Shanks, Zachary Day, Davenport, Iowa

Bettendorf: Andrew Slifka

Bettendorf: Caitlin Streit, Marianne Marcek, Bettendorf, Iowa

Bettendorf: W. Scott Tinsman III

Bettendorf: Breanna Walczyk

Bettendorf: Amy Whiteman, Patricia Meier, Davenport, Iowa

Bettendorf: Caitlin Wilson, Craig Lennon, Moline, IL

Bettendorf: Tori Wood, Elaine Johnson, Davenport, Iowa

Bettendorf: Stephanie Yang, Jennifer Posey, Bettendorf, Iowa

Blairstown: Ellen Horst

Bloomfield: Jeremiah Deshatler

Blue Grass: Lindsay O'Keefe

Burlington: Nikhil Dhuna

Burlington: Kaylyn Vedder, Kathy Henderson, Burlington, Iowa

Camanche: Seth Connell, Danette Hunt, Clinton, Iowa

Carroll: Justyn Alex

Carroll: Jenny Lau

Carson: Isaac Clausen, Diane Bradford, Glenwood, Iowa

Carson: Laura Novotny

Cedar Falls: Ryan Giarusso, Cathy Ruff, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Cedar Falls: Ian Veenstra

Cedar Falls: Stephanie Welch, Jacqueline Hurley, Rhinelander, WI

Cedar Rapids: Mariah Althoff, Susie Stark, Center Point, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Madeline Becker, Mark Schile, Hiawatha, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Anthony Berns-Leone

Cedar Rapids: Zachary Burstain, Brad Horton, ,

Cedar Rapids: Filipe Camarotti, Cheryl Willson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Kimmy DePalma, Julie Pegump, Marion, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Max Ernst, Rhonda Geater, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: McKenna Feltes

Cedar Rapids: Samantha Fillenworth, Shirley Jarzombek, Mechanicsville, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Kate Gallagher

Cedar Rapids: Stephen Gilliland

Cedar Rapids: Christina Goeddel

Cedar Rapids: Neil Goettsch

Cedar Rapids: Logan Grado, Angi Hoyer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Evan Herlocker

Cedar Rapids: Lea Hoefer, Michelle Hunt, Dubuque, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Molly James

Cedar Rapids: Andrew Johnson

Cedar Rapids: Natalie Keene, Ikram Easton, Cedar Rapid, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Jack Kohn

Cedar Rapids: Elise Krivit

Cedar Rapids: Emma Lehmann

Cedar Rapids: Chase Lehrman

Cedar Rapids: Lillian McBride, Leon Lueck, Swisher, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Alexandra McFarland, Joann Young, Fairfax, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Sean McQuade, Jean Oberbroeckling Swisher, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Nicholas Mikus, Patricia Loukota, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Kiran Misra, Pat Akers, Marion, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Nicholas Mlodzik

Cedar Rapids: Rishabh Nath, Ronald Ritchie, Robins, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Andrea Nemecek, Leon Lueck, Swisher, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Daniel Nguyen, Carrie Thompson, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Madhanamenaka Pandian, Julie Pegump, Marion, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: David Pauls

Cedar Rapids: Marissa Pike

Cedar Rapids: Laurel Rhame

Cedar Rapids: John Richardson, Jason Evans, Marion, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Amelia Seidl, Julie Pegump, Marion, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Kimberly Sorsby, Leon Lueck, Swisher, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Benjamin Swithenbank Harris Connie Stusak, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Matthew Thorsteinson, Steve Serrot, Hiawatha, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: John Tollefson, Ron Youtzy, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids: Margaret Wenndt

Cedar Rapids: Bret Zimmerman

Center Point: Kyle Loux

Charles City: Emily Johnson, Cherie Schafer, Charles City, Iowa

Cherokee: Katherine Tjeerdsma

Clarion: David Rout

Clinton: Jorge Landa, Joan Burken, Clinton, Iowa

Clive: Eric Austin, Sarah Fisher, Ankeny, Iowa

Clive: Alexandra Bartlett

Clive: Jacob Bergman, Susan Wouters, Waukee, Iowa

Clive: Jared Farber

Clive: Ashwin Madhan

Clive: Morgan Mallisee

Clive: David Merriman, Georgia Tallman, Des Moines, Iowa

Clive: Antonio Montoya, Justin Bogers, Des Moines, Iowa

Clive: Alexandra Reynolds

Clive: Emily Solo

Colo: Jessie Henry, James Kemis, Ames, Iowa

Columbus City: Erica Solorio

Conrad: Dustin Reed, Dee Seeman, Beaman, Iowa

Coralville: Meera Ajam, Michael O'Leary, Coralville, Iowa

Coralville: Taylor Austin, Laura Walthart, Iowa City, Iowa

Coralville: Emily Bowman, Patricia Curley, Iowa City, Iowa

Coralville: Chi Chen, Mark Norton, Iowa City, Iowa

Coralville: Drew Coffin, Joan DePrenger, Iowa City, Iowa

Coralville: Daniel Dai

Coralville: Collin Kramer, Darcy Lipsius, Iowa City, Iowa

Coralville: Allison Link

Coralville: Phoebe Low, Laura Walthart, Iowa City, Iowa

Coralville: Hannah Muellerleile

Coralville: Brandan Penaluna, Patricia Witinok, Iowa City, Iowa

Coralville: Jon Stahmer

Coralville: Matthew Staib

Coralville: Katherine Stratton

Coralville: Linda Xiong, Matthew Fisher, Iowa City, Iowa

Coralville: Lena Ye, Jon Bach, Iowa City, Iowa

Coralville: Ivan Ye, Dana Vernon, Iowa City, Iowa

Corning: William Boswell

Corning: Caleb Nett

Corydon: Jessie Ewing

Corydon: Kessa Grismore

Corydon: Audrey Selking, Heidi Bellon, Corydon, Iowa

Council Bluffs: Alexander Brown

Council Bluffs: Taylor Jensen, Luke Robinson, Omaha, NE

Council Bluffs: Michael Kirchner, Joan Scott, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Council Bluffs: Megan Reif

Council Bluffs: Emma Taylor

Creston: Joseph Mullin

Cumming: Alexandra Becker, Natasha Fanning, Des Moines, Iowa

Dallas: Logan Hoelting, Mitch Fortune, Knoxville, Iowa

Danbury: Rebekah Sturgeon

Danville: Jacob Griffin, Terri Holtkamp, West Point, Iowa

Danville: Ryan Sink, Terri Holtkamp, West Point, Iowa

Davenport: Dylan Beyhl

Davenport: Hanane Bouchareb

Davenport: Daphne Cornish, Lorrie Brock, Davenport, Iowa

Davenport: Travis Hattery

Davenport: Brent Larson

Davenport: Nikki Schneider, Dana Nichols, Bettendorf, Iowa

Davenport: Margaret Stone

Davenport: Alexander Struelens

Davenport: Ashley Vance, Jenelle Nisly, Davenport, Iowa

Davenport: Ye-hong Zhu, Derry Spotten, Davenport, Iowa

De Witt: Daniel Darland, Jr., Dianne Prichard, De Witt, Iowa

De Witt: Andrew Laureijs

De Witt: Mikaela Leners

Decorah: Aubrey Ellickson, John Reicks, Lawler, Iowa

Des Moines: Ime Augustine-Akpan , ,

Des Moines: Granger Carty

Des Moines: Evan Chidley

Des Moines: Quinnetta Claytor

Des Moines: Daniel Comito

Des Moines: Dylan Davis

Des Moines: Laura Duque, Anita Allen, Indianola, Iowa

Des Moines: Ivy Elwell, Gina Yanders, Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines: Stephanie Fleckenstein, Karen Stiles, Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines: Justin Hayes, Chris Baughman, Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines: Kalee Hobson

Des Moines: Megan Mansfield

Des Moines: Alexandra Nassif

Des Moines: Neel Nath

Des Moines: Cole Norum

Des Moines: Kavya Parsa

Des Moines: R. Cady Patton

Des Moines: Andrea Rice, Christine Schultz, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Des Moines: Katy Roat, Janeen Throckmorton, Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines: Mackenzie Smith, Jean Ellerhoff, Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines: Kerrick Staley

Des Moines: Anna Stange Davidson Natalie Franke, Clive, Iowa

Des Moines: Matthew Steffen

Des Moines: Katherine Upton, Jessica Heidbreder, Johnston, Iowa

Des Moines: Ryan Utke, Josalynn Agnew, West Des Moines, Iowa

Dubuque: Mackenzie Arthur, Jeff Haverland, Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque: Emily Barz, Jonathan Barz, Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque: Abigail Bird

Dubuque: Jack Cole, Sandra Beisker, Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque: Marissa Dienst, Nancy Neumeister, East Dubuque, IL

Dubuque: Jessica Engleman

Dubuque: Christian English

Dubuque: Eric Ferring, Barbara Leifker, Hazel Green, WI

Dubuque: Kathryn Fuller

Dubuque: Virginia Luke

Dubuque: Emma Puls

Dubuque: Louis Sievers, Phyllis Czarnecki, Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque: Claire Spyrison, Don Brauhn, Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque: Mitchell Theisen, Linda Gleason, Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque: Lucas Tully

Dubuque: Ray Jae Wolff

Dubuque: Benjamin Yoko

Dubuque: Molly Zmudka

Eddyville: Zach Baker

Eddyville: Katie Couch, Jeremy Van Wyk, Johnston, Iowa

Eddyville: Keiffer Griego, Sondra VanDerPol, Oskaloosa, Iowa

Eddyville: Paige Shafer

Elk Run Heights: Dezirae Fontes, Deretha Fantroy, Waterloo, Iowa

Ely: Amanda Thompson, Lori Danker, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Ely: Phillip Underwood, Bradley Koch, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Emerson: Stephanie McGrew

Emmetsburg: Paige Naig, Diana Stafford, Mallard, Iowa

Fairfax: Luke Howes

Fairfield: Rachel Biggs, Connie Wells, Fairfield, Iowa

Farley: Danny Kramer

Forest City: Justin Putney

Fort Dodge: Treouis Sankey, Diane Pratt, Fort Dodge, Iowa

Fort Dodge: Rochelle Starrett, Diane Pratt, Fort Dodge, Iowa

Fort Dodge: James Wu

Fort Dodge: Andrew Xu, Diane Pratt, Fort Dodge, Iowa

Garner: Austin Lohman, Joe Albertson, Garner, Iowa

Gilbert: Umar Farooq, Jean Saveraid, Huxley, Iowa

Gilbert: Jessi Mullenbach

Granger: Rosemarie Freymark, Gary Snyder, Des Moines, Iowa

Green Mountain: William Worden

Harlan: Jennifer Bjoin, Nancy Ludwig, Harlan, Iowa

Harlan: Ellen Klitgaard, Nancy Ludwig, Harlan, Iowa

Harlan: Chandler Mores, Laurie Mathis, Harlan, Iowa

Harlan: ReNee Reising-Fellner Jodi Knight, Pella, Iowa

Harvey: Amber Shinn, Jean Brandt, Chariton, Iowa

Indianola: Emma King, Edie Finck, New Virginia, Iowa

Indianola: Dylan Rankin

Indianola: Jessie Schooley

Iowa City: Zayna Abusada, Carolyn Ceynar, North Liberty, Iowa

Iowa City: Andrew Braverman, Curt Ritter, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Harrison Burke, Jayme Skay, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Stephen Chan, Gae Ellen Gentzsch, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Justin Choi, Patricia Curley, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Jeffery Christ

Iowa City: Ian Corbin, Jesse Emlet, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Emily Culver, Pam Kautz, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Isaac Dejong, Hector Ibarra, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Sophie Donta, Daniel Mascal, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Anna Egeland, Pam Kautz, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Zhoujie Guo

Iowa City: Carly Hafner

Iowa City: Serrie Hamilton, Debra Zehms, EauClaire, WI

Iowa City: Shannon Hammer

Iowa City: James Howe IV, Julie Jones, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Meredith Hoyland, Meg Corbin, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Yun Ho Jin

Iowa City: Joanna Kao, Robert Norton, North Liberty, Iowa

Iowa City: Audrey Keranen

Iowa City: Lily Kim

Iowa City: Anna Kron, Laura Carpenter, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Iowa City: Grace Larew

Iowa City: Michael Lipman, Travis Carlson, Coralville, Iowa

Iowa City: Catherine Morita

Iowa City: Megan Myers

Iowa City: Christopher Nepola

Iowa City: Jonathan Ni, Yukiko Hill, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: James O'Donnell, Scott Jespersen, Coralville, Iowa

Iowa City: Malinda O'Malley

Iowa City: Sophia Opitz, Beth Madden, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Tyler Ronnfeldt

Iowa City: Andaman Rosse, Vicki Saunders, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Leela Sathyaputri, Diann Zirtzman, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Marie Schnoebelen, Kris Boulund, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Young Seol, Paul Muhly, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Aditya Subramanian

Iowa City: Kui Tang, Scott Jespersen, Coralville, Iowa

Iowa City: Zach Wahls, Andrea Keech, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Andrew Wilkes

Iowa City: Shuyu Xing, Patricia Curley, Iowa City, Iowa

Iowa City: Hanna Yowell, Carolyn Ceynar, North Liberty, Iowa

Janesville: Bethany Nelson

Jefferson: Victoria Chargo

Johnston: Kevin Han

Johnston: Emily Parker

Johnston: Bailey Petersma, Kathy Paul, Clive, Iowa

Kalona: Brennyn Hawbaker, Julie Zahs, Riverside, Iowa

Kalona: Molly Hussey, Rebecca Curtis, Iowa City, Iowa

Kelley: Benjamin Potter

Keokuk: Johanna DeGroot, Marsha Ramaker, Keokuk, Iowa

Keokuk: Lakshmi Kantamneni, Marsha Ramaker, Keokuk, Iowa

Keokuk: Weston Kleinert, Dawn Michele Schmitt, Keokuk, Iowa

Keokuk: Natalie O'Shea

Keokuk: Autumn Williams, Marsha Ramaker, Keokuk, Iowa

Knoxville: Brendan Finan, Shawn Helle, Knoxville, Iowa

Knoxville: Alivia McCorkle, Dan Fay, Knoxville, Iowa

Latimer: Karter Miller, Lisa Paul, Latimer, Iowa

Le Mars: Mike Ahlers

Le Mars: Hillary Haden

Le Mars: Palani Permeswaran

Le Mars: Anthony Schimek, Jeanne Rust, LeMars, Iowa

Lenox: Audrey Morris

Lewis: Benjamin Loghry

Lovilia: Nathan Chamberlain, Donna Bohlmann, Ottumwa, Iowa

Malvern: Alexandra Barnes

Manchester: Megan Thomas, Cheryl Jewett, Manchester, Iowa

Manilla: Dylan Gross

Manson: Daniel Sutter, Jenny Larson, Clare, Iowa

Maquoketa: Trisha Spence, Karlen Uhde, West Branch, Iowa

Marion: Shraddhesh Anavkar, Diane Ashby, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Marion: Andrea Dunn, Carol Kesl, Marion, Iowa

Marion: Sam Fathallah, Katie Louk, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Marion: Allie Hutcheson, Nancy Zahn, Amana, Iowa

Marion: Ryan Jenkins, Barbara Pestka, Robins, Iowa

Marion: Gage Miskimen, Janet Piehl, Marion, Iowa

Marion: Rajin Olson

Marion: Ria Olson

Marion: Alexander Peters, Deb Miles, Delhi, Iowa

Marion: Joel Rankin

Marion: Emily Roberts

Marion: Jacob Schmitt

Marion: Nicholas Soyer, Beth Sandstrom, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Marion: Daniel Tribble, Ann Oglesby, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Marquette: Bryce Matthew, Christine Matthew, Marquette, Iowa

Marshalltown: Jack Collison

Marshalltown: Zakary Herink, Bob Winkleblack, Marshalltown, Iowa

Marshalltown: Brock Slowiak, Cyndy Howard, Marshalltown, Iowa

Marshalltown: Laura Weber, Julie Miller, Marshalltown, Iowa

Mason City: Fernando Jay Delgado, Deadra Stanton, Mason City, Iowa

Mason City: Andrew Sloan

McClelland: Drew Lawrence

Mechanicsville: Scout Kasik

Mediapolis: Allison Edmonds

Mediapolis: Amanda Edmonds

Milford: Tegan McDonough, Gregory Stevens, Milford, Iowa

Minden: Katlyn Kay

Mingo: Quinn Hanson Pollock Julie Nash, Ankeny, Iowa

Mondamin: Karen Holly, Doug Snyder, Logan, Iowa

Monona: Clara Cahoon

Montezuma: Kendra Doty, Mary Jo Collum, Brooklyn, Iowa

Monticello: Joshua Beal, Rhonda Achenbach, Monticello, Iowa

Moulton: David Sheets

Mount Pleasant: Anna Miller, Bert Miller, Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Mount Vernon: Matisse Christensen, Nannette Gunn, Mt. Vernon, Iowa

Mount Vernon: Lance Lineburg

Mount Vernon: Adam Rife

Mount Vernon: Jeff St. Clair, Deann Scearce, Mt. Vernon, Iowa

Mt. Union: Janessa Kongable, Lynn Riley, New London, Iowa

Mt. Union: Kaleb Kongable, Marian Alliman, Wayland, Iowa

Muscatine: Steven Bieber, Teresa Chavarria, Muscatine, Iowa

Muscatine: Jacob Drahos, Charles Velasquez, Muscatine, Iowa

Muscatine: Andrew Howell

Muscatine: Giles Joslyn, Robert Danner, Muscatine, Iowa

Muscatine: Alexandra Schilling, Casey Edkin, Muscatine, Iowa

Neola: Calvin Davis

New Hartford: Morgan Samec

New Liberty: Aileen Spickermann, Deb Daniels, DeWitt, Iowa

New Sharon: Alec Fuller

Newton: Allen Barr, Sandra Smit, Newton, Iowa

Newton: Jenna Blunt

Newton: Joshua Zieman, Nancy Hemphill, Newton, Iowa

North Liberty: Tiffany Craig, Jeff Snider, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

North Liberty: Emily Olesen, Beth Madden, Iowa City, Iowa

North Liberty: Ben Thompson

Northwood: Nik Werner

Norwalk: Katelyn Campbell

Onawa: Michael Gibler

Oskaloosa: Nicole Brummond

Oskaloosa: Adam Hammes

Oskaloosa: Aharon Moody

Oskaloosa: Lyric Morris

Oskaloosa: Taryn Shaw, Donna Bohlmann, Ottumwa, Iowa

Oskaloosa: Natalie Whitis

Ottumwa: Bryan LaRue, Gary Gullion, Ottumwa, Iowa

Ottumwa: Steven Ray

Ottumwa: Cathryn Vaux, Janet Vinyard, Ottumwa, Iowa

Oyens: Melissa Kellen, Rick Fox, Le Mars, Iowa

Panora: James Bump, JoAnn Eason, Redfield, Iowa

Parkersburg: Andrew Johnson

Pella: Todd Wegter, Janet Renaud, Pella, Iowa

Persia: Merideth Raine, Beth Schueman, Avoca, Iowa

Pleasant Hill: Cassandra Ellsbury, Lisa Ellsbury, Pleasant Hill, Iowa

Pleasantville: Trey Isgrig, Sandy Schloemer, Knoxville, Iowa

Pleasantville: Joseph Mohr

Randolph: Preston Schaaf, Sarah Carter, Randolph, Iowa

Red Oak: Margo Elarton

Red Oak: Bevin Griffen

Red Oak: Andrew Hayes

Red Oak: Michael Manchester

Robins: Jacqueline Belding, Denise Melchert, Mt. Vernon, Iowa

Robins: Wiatt Cariveau

Robins: Travis Mallow, Julie Pegump, Marion, Iowa

Runnells: Dylan McMains

Sabula: Jacqueline Myers, Cassie Dunlavey, Delmar, Iowa

Sabula: Nicole Ruchotzke, Patty Schmidt, Preston, Iowa

Scotch Grove: Angelique Farris

Sergeant Bluff: Devon Schuler, Tracy Wingert, LeMars, Iowa

Shenandoah: Sophie Fursa, Anne Travis, Sidney, Iowa

Sidney: Ben Klinkebiel

Sioux City: Levi Jacobsen

Sioux City: Kate Kollars, Sharon Russell, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

Sioux City: Taylor O'Dell, Brian Linafelter, Sioux City, Iowa

South Amana: Kathryn Moore, DeAnna Kellenberger, High Amana, Iowa

Spencer: Holly Butters, Becky Koenig, Spencer, Iowa

Spencer: Britta Degeest

Spencer: Ethan Hartkemeyer, Janis Myers, Spencer, Iowa

Spencer: Austin Helmink

Spencer: Emily Jones

Sperry: Stewart Heckenberg, Nancy Carter, Morning Sun, Iowa

Spirit Lake: Mitchell O'Neill

St. Charles: Allison Seibert

Sumner: Kelly Hartman

Swisher: Lindsey Clark, Linda Bubon, Solon, Iowa

Swisher: Catherine Haman, Tara Noonan, Iowa City, Iowa

Swisher: Katelyn Storey, Suzy Richter, Solon, Iowa

Treynor: Emily Mejstrik

Treynor: Emily Nelson, Marla Westphalen, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Truro: Kelsey Bregar

Urbandale: Eric Autry

Urbandale: Megan Bowman, Suzie Krzywicki, West Des Moines, Iowa

Urbandale: Brian Carrier, Suzanne Mataloni, Urbandale, Iowa

Urbandale: Sagar Chawla

Urbandale: Christine Kim, Jim Heithoff, Winterset, Iowa

Urbandale: Allison MacKay, Kate Safris, Johnston, Iowa

Urbandale: Alyssa Mefford

Urbandale: Dhrooti Vyas, Sara Ruckle, Bondurant, Iowa

Villisca: Abby Hutchinson, Maria Jacobus, Clarinda, Iowa

Washington: Kristin Davis, Susan See, Washington, Iowa

Washington: Marisa Powers

Washington: Ashley Rausch

Washington: Katy Wellington, Pam Green, Washington, Iowa

Waterloo: Logan Mountain, Deb Hudson, Waterloo, Iowa

Waterloo: Arun Nakhasi, Annette Swick, Waterloo, Iowa

Waterloo: Courtney Richman

Waterloo: Tracy Shirey

Waterloo: Elana Williams, Lisa Dumler, Dike, Iowa

Waukee: Kaitlyn Burke

Webster City: Colin Ryan

West Bend: Allison Banwart

West Branch: Abigail Baker

West Branch: Abigail Baker

West Branch: Joseph Caldwell

West Branch: Elizabeth McCrory, Jacqui Hart, West Branch, Iowa

West Branch: Megan O'Neil

West Branch: Justin Roth, Donna Davis, Iowa City, Iowa

West Branch: Molly Whiteside

West Burlington: Alex Gridasov-Conner Patty Fitzgibbon, Burlington, Iowa

West Des Moines: Allison Apland

West Des Moines: Claire Barkett

West Des Moines: Jordan Burklund, Melanie Buchanan, West Des Moines, Iowa

West Des Moines: Kyle Hurst

West Des Moines: Jon Langel

West Des Moines: Katie Marcus, Michelle Peck, Urbandale, Iowa

West Des Moines: Tricia Shi, Jillian Robbins, Norwalk, Iowa

West Des Moines: Juilee Shivalkar, Deb Flagg, West Des Moines, Iowa

West Des Moines: Alice Xu

West Des Moines: Younan Zhu, Patricia Eastman, West Des Moines, Iowa

West Liberty: Matthew Millage

West Okoboji: Margaret Rohlk, Dave DeWild, Spirit Lake, Iowa

West Union: Michael O'Brien, Pat Hunsberger, Elgin, Iowa

Williamsburg: Paul Knepper, Paul Sondag, Williamsburg, Iowa

Williamsburg: Makaylee McDowell, Kerri Bell, Keota, Iowa

Williamsburg: Julia Zalenski, Megan Schulte, Williamsburg, Iowa

Winfield: Lauren Baker, Sally Naber, Winfield, Iowa

Winfield: Lake Carlson

Winterset: Hannah Hitchcock

Wiota: Matthew Williamson, Bill Foulkes, Anita, Iowa


San Diego: Bahar Salehi


Boulder: Olivia Feeney, Nannette Gunn, Mount Vernon, Iowa


Altamonte Springs: Rehana Packwood

Boca Raton: Robert Carelli, Debra Garcia, Boca Raton, Fla.

Boca Raton: Mel Goss, Virginia Goss, Boca Raton, Fla.

Boca Raton: Daniel Gucciardo

Boca Raton: Stephanie Heung

Boca Raton: Christopher Heung

Boca Raton: Ian O'Rourke, Lois Gray, Royal Palm Beach, Fla.

Boca Raton: Mike Qian, Dawn Watkins, Boca Raton, Fla.

Boca Raton: Amanda Rubio, Keith Schneider, Boca Raton, Fla.

Boca Raton: Scott Shapiro

Boynton Beach: Trevor Durham

Boynton Beach: Alexander Netzley

Boynton Beach: Kaylee Willet

Cassadaga: Carlyn Chappel

Celebration: Juan Londono, Odalys Perez, Celebration, Fla.

Cocoa Beach: Amy Bauer

Daytona Beach: Emmet Harington

DeBary: Jenny Raman

DeLand: Christopher Finkle

Delray Beach: Aaron Gluck

Delray Beach: Pancham Goregaonkar

Delray Beach: Sameer Kailasa

Delray Beach: Erin Tracy

Deltona: Luis Carbonell

Deltona: Zachary Fitzgerald

Deltona: Nicole Glabinski

Deltona: Candace Trahan

Eustis: Rohan Hylton, Angella Hollis, Irondale, Ala.

Greenacres: Marisa DeLiso, Paul Corbiere, Boynton Beach, Fla.

Indialantic: Lauren Paylor

Jupiter: Adityanarayanan Radhakrishnan

Kissimmee: Jesann Gonzalez

Kissimmee: Tyler Merkel

Kissimmee: Carlos Romero

Lake Mary: Michael Chen

Lake Mary: Jeffrey Strange

Lake Worth: George Engroff

Lake Worth: Justin Salat, Lucille Tourville, Lake Worth, Fla.

Lake Worth: Luis Torres

Lake Worth: Adam Vienmanapun

Lakeland: Christina Vallejo

Lantana: Logan Dymond

Leesburg: Vipawee Chatchalermwit

Longwood: Sarah Cannon, Jianna Dalton, Lake Mary, Fla.

Longwood: Cristian Fandino

Longwood: Jordan Mann, Susan Altenburg, Casselberry, Fla.

Longwood: Austin Reed

Longwood: Jacqueline Schneider

Maitland: Christopher Hormuth

Maitland: Paul Reggentin

Melbourne: Sydney Balgo

Melbourne: Christopher Reilly, Laird Parsons, Viera, Fla.

Melbourne: Teagan Strynchuk

Melbourne: Denise Yoon

Merritt Island: Albert Halbing

Merritt Island: Mapika Lepp

Merritt Island: Joseph Michalsky, Guytri Still, Palm Bay, Fla.

Mount Dora: Carmen Miller

Mount Dora: Christian Young, David Walker, Eustis, Fla.

Oakland Park: Mark Newsom, Stephanie Kochis, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Ocoee: Anthony Piazza

Orlando: Gwendolyn Boniface

Orlando: Samantha Higgins

Orlando: Hannah Kreger

Orlando: Will Starkweather, Margaret Ryan, Orlando, Fla.

Orlando: Ory Tasman

Orlando: Blake Waranch

Ormond Beach: Sean Bartholomew

Ormond Beach: Jacob Beck

Ormond Beach: Benjamin Genereaux

Ormond Beach: Aashish Lalani

Ormond Beach: Evan Stoner

Oviedo: Zachary Bohlmann

Oviedo: Kyle Kratt

Oviedo: Daniel Leonard

Oviedo: Maxwell Miner

Oviedo: Aiyana Saletto

Oviedo: Lucy Wu

Palatka: Adam Matheny

Palm Bay: Christopher Harcourt

Palm Beach Gardens: Michael Bright

Palm Beach Gardens: Maggie Feng

Palm Beach Gardens: Anita Feng

Palm Beach Gardens: Oliver Hanfmann, Margaret Brody, Jupiter, Fla.

Palm Beach Gardens: Nathan Mandi

Poinciana: Amelia Zahoor

Port Orange: Cory Breaux

Port Orange: Tajai Burgos, Elizabeth Burns, Port Orange, Fla.

Port Orange: Edward Zamborsky, Robert Miller, Port Orange, Fla.

Rockledge: Stephen Edwards

Rockledge: Kevin Hutchins

Sanford: Aldwin De Guzman, Lindsey Hosack, Deltona, Fla.

Sanford: Jerry Stoops, Elizabeth Chaires, Lake Mary, Fla.

South Daytona: Reid Hecht

St. Cloud: Parker Merritt

Stuart: Vishalakshi Lakshmanan

Tampa: Isabelle Morris, Barbara Chrimes, Tampa, Fla.

Titusville: Haley Bross, Mirtha Howard, Mims, Fla.

Titusville: Troy Cunio, Sheri Ryser, Titusville, Fla.

Wellington: Akua Abu

Wellington: Samuel Anoff

Wellington: Tyler Stellway, Pamela Campbell, Belle Glade, Fla.

Wellington: Omari Stringer

Wellington: Daniel Zimmer

West Palm Beach: Tucker Elliott

West Palm Beach: Elizabeth Hornor, Natasha Zengen, Charlotte, N.C.

West Palm Beach: Shannon Levy

West Palm Beach: Jacob Rossi

West Palm Beach: Daniel Scott

West Palm Beach: Christina Xiao

Winter Garden: Tessa Streeter

Winter Garden: Bryan Wilder

Winter Springs: Kyle Belfort

Winter Springs: Victor Chan

Winter Springs: Shweta Desiraju

Winter Springs: Sam Fichthorn

Winter Springs: Alakh Gulati


Lisle: Xiaoqi Wang, Tracy Elmer, Coralville, Iowa

McHenry: Jeremy Iden, Carolyn Langner, Lake Geneva, Wisc.

Moline: Pranav Puri, Peggy Brizgis, Moline, Ill.

Rock Island: Vikas Velagapudi, Amanda Maurer, Bettendorf, Iowa


Lansing: Christoper Barry

Salina: Caitlin Moore


Mandeville: Camille Guillot


Fort Gratiot: Amy Finkel


LaCrescent: Ashley Tisdell, Ann Markegard, Houston, Minn.

Lake Lillian:Kaleb Jungclaus

Lindstrom:Jennifer Bergk


Fulton: Fern Stevermer, Beth Houf, Kingdom City, Mo.

Gray Summit: Ashley Haynes

St. Louis: David Bruns-Smith

St. Louis: Robert Marshall

St. Louis: Trevor Marshall

St. Louis: Wesley Shiflet, Barbara Brooks, Chesterfield, Mo.


Fremont: Thomas Fryklind, Pamela Fryklind, Fremont, Neb.

Grand Island: Preston Fegley, William Chadek, Grand Island, Neb.

Grand Island: Sarah Kuta

Lincoln: Darrin Lim, Leona Penner, Lincoln, Neb.

Norfolk: Matthew Morton, Joannie Olenich, Norfolk, Neb.

Norfolk: Ben Sukup

Panama: Cody Wedding

Scottsbluff: Leah Rekow


Dublin: Mitchell Bell

Maumee: Sumit Banerjee


Verona: Tyler Stump



AMES: Ames High School

BETTENDORF: Rivermont Collegiate

CEDAR FALLS: Cedar Falls High School

CEDAR RAPIDS: John F. Kennedy High School

CEDAR RAPIDS: George Washington High School

CEDAR RAPIDS: Xavier High School

DES MOINES: Theodore Roosevelt High School

DES MOINES: Central Academy*

DUBUQUE: Dubuque Senior High School

DUBUQUE: Wahlert High School

DUBUQUE: Hempstead High School

IOWA CITY: Iowa City High School

IOWA CITY: West Senior High School

IOWA CITY: Regina Junior-Senior High School

JOHNSTON: Johnston Senior High School

LEGRAND: East Marshall Senior High School

LISBON: Lisbon High School

MARION: Linn-Mar High School

MUSCATINE: Muscatine High School

NORWALK: Norwalk Senior High School

RIVERDALE: Pleasant Valley High School

RUSSELL: Russell High School

SIOUX CITY: Individualized Learning Center

WEST BEND: West Bend-Mallard High School

WEST DES MOINES: Dowling Catholic High School

WINTHROP: East Buchanan High School

*NOTE: The Des Moines Central Academy received special recognition for its long tradition of employing AP courses and tests. As a magnet school that draws top-performing students from other high schools, the academy functions differently from typical Iowa high schools and therefore is not included in the index.