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March 29, 2004

UI Dean's Scholarships Awarded

(Student name) of (hometown) is one of 70 University of Iowa incoming freshmen to receive a Dean's Scholarship for the 2004-2005 academic year. The award is given to selected top-ranking finalists in the Presidential Scholarship competition. (Name) is a graduate of (high school) and is the (son/daughter) of (parent's name).

Recipients were chosen from a field of 606 top-ranking high school seniors from all over the country. Dean's Scholarships are awarded on the basis of high school class rank, grade-point average, college entrance exam scores, performance on the essay portion of the application, and high school or community service and leadership. The award is $1,000 per year or $4,000 over four years.

EDITORS: This release indicates that a student from your readership area has been awarded a Dean's Scholarship. Students are listed alphabetically by hometown, with Iowa students listed first. Each entry includes the student's name, high school, son/daughter, parents name.


Albia, Joshua Simpson, Albia High School, son, Glen and Patti Simpson

Altoona, Wyatt Montague, Southeast Polk High School, son, William and Nancy Montague

Ames, Anne Dressler, Ames High School, daughter, Patrick Dressler and Mary Weisgram

Ames, Maxwell Gulden, Gilbert Comm School, son, Frederick and Elizabeth Gulden

Ames, Jacob Haynes, Gilbert Comm School, son, Joe and Eileen Haynes

Ames, Katie Lutz, Ames High School, daughter, Monte and Donna Lutz

Ames, Christina McClelland, Ames High School, daughter, John McClelland and Linda Seaverson

Ames, Kara Prior, Ames High School, daughter, R.James and Sieglinde Prior

Ames, Trisha Thompson, Ames High School, daughter, Terry and Susan Cross

Ames, Arriel Wayne, Ames High School, daughter, June and Bryan Wayne

Belle Plaine, Thomas Drahos, Belle Plaine Jr.-Sr. High School, son, Donald and Beverly Drahos

Bettendorf, Gautam Reddy, Pleasant Valley Cmty Hs, son, Dr. Anand Reddy and Sudha Reddy

Bettendorf, Erin Walls, Bettendorf High School, daughter, J.D. and Cindy Walls

Boone, Garth Strohbehn, Gilbert Comm School, son, Daryl and Catherine Strohbehn

Burlington, Paige Miller, Burlington Comm Hs, daughter, James and Rhonda Miller

Cedar Falls, Shajia Ahmad, Cedar Falls High School, daughter, Jalaluddin Ahmad and Kanij Rasul

Cedar Falls, Kyle Duchman, Cedar Falls High School, son, Loren and Connie Duchman

Cedar Falls, Matthew Eagles, Cedar Falls High School, son, Derek and Pamela Eagles

Cedar Falls, Melissa Ives, Cedar Falls High School, daughter, Robert and Lorry Ives

Cedar Falls, Sawsan Sultana, Cedar Falls High School, daughter, MD Salim and Jesmin Sultana

Cedar Rapids, Cara Bader, George Washington High School, daughter, Dave and Marcy Bader

Cedar Rapids, Joshua Dodds, Linn-Mar High School, son, Joe and Diane Dodds

Cedar Rapids, Amanda Dugenske, Linn-Mar High School, daughter, Dale and Cindy Dugenske

Cedar Rapids, Rebecca Siebels, George Washington High School, daughter, Randall and Linda Siebels

Clive, Donald Gehrls, Waukee Comm High School, son, Steve and Pam Gehrls

Clive, Carole Peterson, Valley High School, daughter, Lars Peterson and Joyce Dana

Clive, Louis Sloven, Valley High School, son, Daniel and Rose Sloven

Coralville, Jennifer Claeys, West High School, daughter, James and Teresa Claeys

Cresco, Christopher Westcott, Crestwood High School, son, Emory and Helen Westcott

Davenport, Lindsey Arnold, Assumption High School, daughter, Ken and Laurie Arnold

Davenport, Melinda Brocka, Central High School, daughter, Bruce and Suzanne Brocka

Davenport, Alissa Coussens, Central High School, daughter, Clifford and Sarah Coussens

Denver, Nicholas Weber, Denver Senior High School, son, Paul Weber, M.D. and Carolyn Weber

Des Moines, Stacey Alex, Hoover High School, daughter, Thomas and Diane Alex

Des Moines, Ashley Kinsey, Abraham Lincoln High School, daughter, Ann Kinsey

Des Moines, Jamie Nelson, Roosevelt High School, daughter, Rick and Lori Nelson

Des Moines, Drew Peckumn, Roosevelt High School, son, Douglas and Debra Peckumn

Des Moines, Lindsey Purdy, Roosevelt High School, daughter, William and Kimberly Purdy

Des Moines, Matthew Wallace, Dowling High School, son, Jim and MaryAnn Wallace

Dubuque, Amy Domeyer, Wahlert High School, daughter, Steve and Janet Domeyer

Dubuque, Mollie Lange, Dubuque Senior High School, daughter, Margaret Lange-Phillips

Fairfield, Samuel Boland, Fairfield Cmty Hs, son, Patricia Boland

Greenfield, Alison Hanson, Nodaway Valley High School, daughter, Glen and Sheryl Hanson

Grimes, Matthew Hauge, Dallas Center-Grimes High School, son, David and Roxanne Hauge

Grimes, Bryan Leppert, Dallas Center-Grimes High School, son, Rick and Rene Leppert

Harlan, April Feldman, Harlan Comm High School, daughter, Rodney and Kristy Feldman

Iowa City, Gregory Altmaier, City High School, son, Michael and Elizabeth Altmaier

Iowa City, Ilse Bendorf, City High School, daughter, Carl and Linda Bendorf

Iowa City, Benjamin Berman, City High School, son, David and Constance Berman

Iowa City, Virginia Dreier, City High School, daughter, Jim and LeAnne Dreier

Iowa City, Andrew Ketterer, City High School, son, Robert and Margaret Ketterer

Iowa City, Kelli Paul, City High School, daughter, David and Debra Paul

Iowa City, Timothy Porter, Regina High School, son, James and Polly Porter

Iowa City, Lindsey Ringham, City High School, daughter, Patricia Heiden

Iowa City, Allison Schmidt, City High School, daughter, Dan and Renita Schmidt

Iowa City, Morgan Walter, City High School, son, Donald H.T. Walter and Julie Johnston Walter

Jefferson, Grant Custer, Jefferson Scranton Senior Hs, son, Tom and Laine Custer

Johnston, Adam Hsu, Johnston High School, son, Hsiao-shu and Maria Hsu

Johnston, Christopher Sigmund, Johnston High School, son, Gregg Sigmund and Jeanne Mountain-Sigmund

Le Mars, Vincent Mertes, Le Mars High School, son, James and Tomoko Mertes

Marshalltown, Joseph Fink, Marshalltown Sr. High School, son, John and Susan Fink

Monticello, John Yeoman, Monticello High School, son, Thomas Yeoman and Diane Schafer-Yeoman

Mount Pleasant, Ryan Whitaker, Mount Pleasant Comm High School, son, Richard and Stephanie Whitaker

North Liberty, Nathan Peterson, Clear Creek Amana High School, son, Dennis and Deb Peterson

Northwood, Michael Haugsdal, Lake Mills Comm School, son, Craig and Cindy Haugsdal

Oelwein, Lindsey Loban, Oelwein High School, daughter, Steve and Kathy Loban

Oskaloosa, Michael Olson, Maize High School, son, David and Paula Olson

Ottumwa, Job Mukkada, Ottumwa High School, son, Thomas and Mary Mukkada

Scranton, Laura Hupp, Jefferson Scranton Senior Hs, daughter, Steve and Nancy Hupp

Sioux City, Adam Althaus, Heelan High School, son, Gary and Tracey Althaus

Urbandale, Clifton Brinkmeyer, Urbandale High School, son, Dirk and Diane Brinkmeyer

Urbandale, Stephanie Perkins, Valley High School, daughter, Tony and Barbara Perkins

West Des Moines, Jeremy Brady, Dowling High School, son, Richard and Kimberly Brady

West Des Moines, Michael Lersten, Valley High School, son, Sam and Julie Lersten

Waterloo, Kathryn Buzynski, Columbus High School, daughter, Robert and Kathleen Buzynski

Waterloo, Henry Ma, West High School, son, Jean Ma

West Des Moines, Erik Nylen, Valley High School, son, David and Michelle Nylen

West Des Moines, Elizabeth Silbermann, Roosevelt High School, daughter, Neil Silbermann and Jane Wang

West Des Moines, Kevin Xu, Valley High School, son, John Xu and Hong Pang

Wilton, Cory Kleinheksel, Wilton Jr.-Sr. High School, son, David and Michele Kleinheksel


Colorado Springs, Jonathan Bishop, Rampart High School, son, David and Janet Bishop


Antioch, Lauren Thurlwell, Antioch Comm High School, daughter, William and Merry Thurlwell

Caledonia, Jessica Stroud, Auburn High School, daughter, Linda and Terry Stroud

Coal Valley, Vishal Parikh, Rivermont Collegiate, son, Dr. Yogin Parikh and Mrs. Arati Parikh

Elmhurst, Lauren Merry, York Comm High School, daughter, Robert and Linda Merry

Gurnee, Steven Bowman, Warren Township Hs, son, John and Dianne Bowman

Hopedale, Stasia Prater, Olympia High School, daughter, Sarah Prater

Lemont, Amanda Deckelman, Lemont Township High School, daughter, Kurt and Teri Deckelman

Lemont, Louis Virtel, Lemont Township High School, son, Lee and Gloria Virtel

Naperville, Daniel Box, Neuqua Valley High School, son, Jim and Laura Box

Naperville, Mackenzie Coffin, Neuqua Valley High School, daughter, Carol and Dave Coffin

Naperville, Jaclyn Macal, Naperville North High School, daughter, John and Paula Macal

Rockford, Kevin Lester, Boylan Catholic High School, son, Thomas and Diane Lester

Rockford, Catherine Thuruthumaly, Auburn High School, daughter, Thomas and Annie Thuruthumaly

Rockton, Hannah Barnet, Hononegah Comm High School, daughter, Robert and Jill Barnet


Bloomington, Nicholas Dau-Schmidt, Bloomington HS South, son, Kenneth Dau-Schmidt and Betsy Birch


Perry, Benjamin Bowman, Perry-Lecompton High School, son, Douglas and Sandra Bowman

Wichita, Rohit Venkatasubban, Goddard Senior High School, son, Rema and Chittur Venkatasubban


Canton, Lara Campbell, Plymouth Canton High School, daughter, Keith and Martha Joy Campbell


Edina, Jeff Fullmer, Edina High School, son, John and Barbara Fullmer

Plymouth, Derek Paulson, Wayzata High School, son, Larry Paulson and Kathleen Weber

Saint Paul, Daniel Hottinger, Cretin-Derham Hall, son, George and Molly Hottinger

Saint Paul, Scott Willhaus, Cretin-Derham Hall, son, Roger Willhaus and Mary Bach


Columbia, Sarah Easley, Columbia-Rock Bridge Sr. High S, daughter, Glenn and Mary Easley

Jefferson City, Rebecca Miller, Helias Interparish High School, daughter, Therese and Lawrence Miller

Saint Louis, Lauren Kirkpatrick, Lindbergh High School, daughter, Charles and Denise Kirkpatrick


Fargo, Thomas Brantseg, North High School, son, Richard and Susan Brantseg

Leeds, Laura Fragodt, Leeds High School, daughter, James and Marie Fragodt


Albuquerque, Traci Iwamoto, La Cueva High School, daughter, Gary and Pamela Iwamoto


Rapid City, Thomas Feehan, Stevens High School, son, James and Kristin Feehan


Radford, Cameron Williams, Radford High School, daughter, Richard and Sarah Williams


Delavan, Georgia Finley, Delavan Darien High School, daughter, John and Cynthia Finley

Green Bay, Laura Hayes, Southwest High School, daughter, Patrick and Barbara Hayes

Madison, Shira Weiner, Madison East High School, daughter, Marc and Francine Weiner

Middleton, Charles Giesen, Middleton High School, son, James Giesen and Mary Klink

Middleton, John Werner, Middleton High School, son, James and Sandy Werner

Milwaukee, John Shaw, Milwaukee HS-Arts @ West, son, Mary Shaw and Michael Mahar

New Berlin, Steven Biro, Catholic Memorial High School, son, Michael and Cheryl Biro

Oregon, Joann Walker, Oregon High School, daughter, Carl and Marcia Walker

Whitefish Bay, Jared Oberland, Whitefish Bay High School, son, Gregory and Rhonda Oberland


Lydia Wester, Rain Forest Internat'l School, daughter, Tim and Ann Wester


Hye-Sang Chang, Foreign High School, daughter, Jun-Dong Chang and Kyung-Ok Joo

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