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Release: Feb. 4, 2000

Local high school students perform in Honor Band at UI School of Music

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Students from (hometown) are among 135 student musicians from 46 Iowa high schools selected to play in the 2000 Iowa Honor Band at the University of Iowa School of Music.

The Iowa Honor Band will present a free concert at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 20 in Hancher Auditorium on the UI campus. The Sunday concert, under the direction of guest conductor Thomas Leslie, will conclude the students' participation in the annual Honor Band Weekend at the UI.

(Name(s), year in school, instrument(s)), son/daughter of (parents' names), represented (name of school) at the festival. The high-school band director is (name).

During the Honor Band Weekend, students attend rehearsals of the Honor Band with the guest conductor and receive instruction on their instruments. They also attend a concert by the UI Symphony Band, the top wind ensemble at the UI School of Music, under UI Director of Bands Myron Welch. That concert, at 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 19 in Hancher Auditorium, is free and open to the public.

For its Feb. 20 concert, the Honor Band will perform the "Fanfare and Hymn of Brotherhood" by Jay Bocock; "Elegy for a Young American" by Ronald Lo Presti; "Rushmore" by Alfred Reed; a band arrangement of the orchestral favorites "Baba Yaga" and "The Great Gate of Kiev" from Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition;" and the circus march "Barnum and Bailey's Favorite" by Iowan Karl King.

A native of Muscatine, Leslie was a member of the Iowa Honor Band when he was a high school student, and later served as drum major with the Hawkeye Marching Band. He selected Lo Presti's "Elegy for a Young American" for the Feb. 20 concert because he had played the score as a member of the Honor Band.

Leslie is currently director of bands for the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV). During his tenure at UNLV, his bands have received critical acclaim from composers and band directors around the world, including English composer Malcolm Arnold, US. Marine Band conductor John Bourgeois, U.S. Navy Band conductor John Pastin, and Harry Begian, director emeritus at the University of Illinois.

Leslie and the UNLV Wind Orchestra are known for their commissions of new works by young composers. Leslie has recently conducted, recorded and produced five CD recordings with the UNLV Wind Orchestra, of which four include works commissioned by Leslie.

Leslie has served as a guest conductor and competition judge in 34 states and in Australia, Japan, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Canada. He serves on the advisory board for the St. Patrick's Festival of Bands in Dublin, Ireland. He was elected a member of the American Bandmasters Association in 1997 and is Western Division chair for the National Band Association.

Honor Band members are chosen by the staff of the UI Band Department on the basis of recommendations from their high school band directors, who are invited by the UI to nominate their best musicians.

* * *

NOTE TO EDITORS: Receipt of this release indicates that students from your community or readership area are members of the 2000 Iowa Honor Band. The participants are listed alphabetically by town and high school. The following information appears after the town and school names: Student's name, year in school, parents' names and instrument played. The band director's name appears in parenthesis at the end of each school listing. Hometown listings are based on information provided by the students; editors are advised to check the listings for all towns in their area.

ALBURNETT: Alburnett High School -- Azure Anderson, senior, horn, Wayne & JoAnn Anderson (Vicki Meadows)

ALGONA: Algona High School -- Jennifer Amendt, senior, flute, Bruce & Janna Amendt; Erica Ostwald, senior, clarinet, Barry & Rhonda Ostwald (John Aboud)

ALTOONA: Southeast Polk High School -- Michelle Dunham, senior, clarinet, Philip & TyAnn Dunham (Randy Hoepker)

AMANA: Clear-Creek Amana High School -- Chris Okerberg, senior, trumpet, Craig & Sharon Okerberg (Thomas Franz)

Prairie High School -- Stefan Moberg, sophomore, tuba, Kurt & Star Moberg (Craig Aune)

ATKINS: Benton Community High School -- Jason Schanbacher, senior, trumpet, Jeff & Janette Schanbacher (James Arndt)

AUDUBON: Audubon High School -- Annie Lenocker, senior, clarinet, Bruce & Marla Lenocker (Byron Tinder)

BAXTER: Baxter High School -- Garrett Akins, sophomore, trombone, Don & Donna Akins; Malera Bruner, junior, clarinet, Uwe & Cindy Bruner; Melody Hofer, senior, clarinet, Jerry & Laura Hofer (Beth Elsen)

BOONE: Boone High School -- Kylie Behm, junior, flute, Chuck & Pat Behm (Russell Kramer)

BROOKLYN: BGM High School -- Jill Cline, junior, saxophone, Donald & Sharon Cline (Dave Honts)

BURLINGTON: Burlington Community High School -- Andy Boyd, junior, clarinet, Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Boyd; Angela Brockett, sophomore, euphonium, Patricia & Jesse Brockett; Lia Gracey, senior, oboe, Mr. & Mrs. Loren Gracey; Hilleary Hoelzen, senior, clarinet, Nancy Hoelzen (Derrick Murphy)

Notre Dame High School -- Ellen Moore, junior, trumpet, Kevin & Christina Moore; Phillip Potter, senior, percussion, Kathy Potter (Amy Bartlett)

BURT: Algona High School -- Crystal McGuire, senior, horn, Nick & Lori McGuire (John Aboud)

CALAMUS: Calamus-Wheatland High School -- Alena Green, junior, trumpet, Alan & Susan Green (Nathan Rickard, August Knoll)

CEDAR FALLS: Northern University High School -- Michael Piehl, junior, tuba, Myron & Joyce Piehl; Steve Shelton, junior, horn, Charlotte Mull-Johnson (Leonard Upham)

CEDAR RAPIDS: Kennedy High School -- Letitia Ceynar, senior, trombone, Frank & Mary Ceynar; Kara Westercamp, senior, horn, Barb & Keith Westercamp; Laura Westercamp, sophomore, euphonium, Keith & Barb Westercamp (David Law)

Marion High School -- Sara Schroeder, senior, trombone, David & Michelle Schroeder (Larry Bobe)

Prairie High School -- Amanda Crosby, sophomore, clarinet, Tim & Diane Crosby; Nate Newhard, senior, percussion, Jeff & Pam Diereckz; Theresa Sonnleitner, senior, horn, Bill & Sharon Sonnleitner; Katie Sullens, junior, oboe, Kenn & Shelly Sullens (Craig Aune)

CENTRAL CITY: Central City High School -- Diana Brandt, senior, clarinet, Jerry & Julie Brandt (Wendy Henrickson)

CHARITON: Chariton High School -- Jeri Kay Thompson, senior, flute, Katherine Kline (Peter Drahozal)

CHARLES CITY: Charles City High School -- Lisa Aird, junior, horn, Andy & Lori Aird; Emily Crawford, junior, saxophone, Steve & Joyce Crawford; Jennifer Friedrich, senior, flute, Chris & Connie Friedrich; Jessica Heitz, senior, trombone, Randy & Marlyn Heitz; Carly Schweizer, junior, clarinet, David & Dawn Schweizer; Danielle Vance, junior, clarinet, LeRoy & Jean Vance (James Jurgensen)

CLINTON: Clinton High School -- Beth Duhr, junior, trumpet, Jurgen & Deb Duhr; Diana Grimes, senior, clarinet, Willard & Carolyn Grimes; Amy Letcher, senior, euphonium, Wayne & Marge Letcher; Xavia Woods, junior, horn, Terrie & Michael Woods (David Gaulrapp)

CORALVILLE: West High School -- Amanda Aley, junior, horn, Robert & Ginette Aley; Ashley Jogerst, junior, percussion, Kathyl & Gerald Jogerst; Libbi Kuehl, senior, oboe/horn, Les & Sue Kuehl; Elizabeth Pennington, junior, trumpet, Ed & Marnee Pennington (Robert Medd)

DAVENPORT: Central High School -- Nick Curry, junior, trombone, Tim & Ellen Curry; Jaime Pearsall, senior, clarinet, Janee Gillilland & Darrel Pearsall (John Bernatz)

West High School -- Casey Marshall, senior, flute, Mitch & Susan Marshall (Dennis Mott)

DUNDEE: West Delaware High School -- Mark Johnson, junior, tuba, Gary & Pat Johnson (Mark Philgreen)

ELY: Mt. Vernon High School -- Lisa Klinsky, senior, trombone, Ken & Diane Klinsky (Charles Fix)

Prairie High School -- Jennifer Allison, sophomore, clarinet, Thomas & Rose Allison; Brandon Yarbrough, junior, trombone, Thomas & Mary Yarbrough (Craig Aune)

FAIRFAX: Prairie High School -- Mary Bullock, senior, clarinet, David & Kathy Bullock; Kellie Everett, sophomore, bassoon, David Everett (Craig Aune)

FLOYD: Charles City High School -- Emma Rohde-Frank, senior, percussion, Blair & Rosemary Rhode-Frank; Ashley Marr, junior, clarinet, David & Tami Marr (James Jurgensen)

GARDEN CITY: Hubbard-Radcliffe High School -- Allison Cox, senior, flute, Dan & Marilyn Cox (Brad Williamson)

HOLSTEIN: Galva-Holstein High School -- Crystal Baillie, senior, flute, Jon & Debby Baillie; Michelle Bubke, junior, clarinet, Paul Bubke; Lorinda Hamann, senior, flute, Marc & Linda Hamann; Katie Lorenzen, senior, saxophone, Raymond & Sue Lorenzen; Melissa Wurr, junior, clarinet, Jim & Cindy Wurr (Danielle Trimble)

HUBBARD: Hubbard-Radcliffe High School -- Kristy McCartney, senior, saxophone, Mike & Cindy McCartney (Brad Williamson)

INDEPENDENCE: Independence High School -- Sarita Dave, senior, clarinet, Bhasker & Diane Dave (David Lang)

IONIA: Charles City High School -- Lori Cavanaugh, junior, saxophone, David & Lois Cavanaugh (James Jurgensen)

IOWA CITY: City High School -- Amy Baker, senior, flute, Sue & Steve Baker; Jake Gontero, junior, trombone, Lynn & Cylda Gontero; Lauren Hall, junior, flute, Daniel & Bonnie Hall; Lucy Hall, senior, horn, Mary & Andrew Hall; Andrea Hileman, junior, bassoon, Roger & Lu Hileman; Scott Lamb, senior, flute, Judy & Richard Lamb; Graeme McAlister, junior, tuba, Deb & Ian McAlister; Christopher Renk, junior, clarinet, Kathleen & Stephen Renk (Steve Stickney)

Regina High School -- Anne Shiu, junior, clarinet, Wai Yin Chan & Elias Shiu (Marc Rood)

West High School -- Meagan Gugliano, freshman, trumpet, Patrick & Margaret Gugliano; Nathaniel Jones, junior, trombone, Beverly & Douglas Jones; Ben Paul, sophomore, trombone, Mike & Ellen Paul; Lauren Pessin, junior, clarinet, Renee & Jeffery Pessin; Mike Pfohl, junior, saxophone, Judy & Bruce Pfohl; Joseph Seo, junior, trombone, Greg & Maria Seo; Katherine Smirl, senior, horn, Barbara & Arthur Smirl; Avi Stramer, senior, saxophone, Naftaly & Osnat Stramer; Steven Wilson, senior, percussion, Mark & Debbie Wilson (Robert Medd)

IOWA FALLS: Iowa Falls High School -- Mandy Bahr, junior, clarinet, Dale & Marlys Bahr; Jennifer Lyman, junior, clarinet, Kirk & Wendy Lyman; Katie Stockdale, senior, flute, Raymond & Kathy Stockdale (Mary Jean Nederhoff)

KALONA: Mid-Prairie High School -- Robert Domsic, senior, saxophone, Valli Kempf & Dennis Domsic (David Kunz)

KENSETT: Northwood-Kensett High School -- Cliff Julseth, senior, saxophone, John & Peg Julseth (Amy Cassill)

KEOTA: Keota High School -- Jill Bader, junior, clarinet, Carl & Judy Sigler; Alison Herr, senior, euphonium, John & Judy Herr; Elisabeth Peiffer, junior, trumpet, Dan & Roberta Peiffer (Korine Schlawin)

KNOXVILLE: Knoxville High School -- Amanda Meyers, senior, clarinet, Lee & Christine Myers (Dan Barth)

LAURENS: Laurens-Marathon High School -- Ellie Barrett, senior, clarinet, Mr. & Mrs. Clancy Barrett; Leia Barrett, sophomore, bassoon, Mr. & Mrs. Clancy Barrett; Christi Frye, senior, clarinet, Mr. & Mrs. Scott Frye; Maggie McKiernan, junior, trumpet, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy McKiernan (Peter Carlson)

LEGRAND: East Marshall High School -- Adam Jaspersen, junior, trumpet, Leslie Jaspersen (Ron Ferneau)

LONE TREE: Lone Tree High School -- Zachariah Varney, junior, trombone, Ruth & David Varney (Linda Sawin)

MADRID: Boone High School -- Heather Morphew, senior, flute, Mike & Chris Morphew (Russell Kramer)

MARATHON: Laurens-Marathon High School -- Sarah Behrens, senior, flute, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Behrens (Peter Carlson)

MARENGO: Williamsburg High School -- Danielle Murley, senior, percussion, Collin & Cindy Murley (Chad Sowers)

MARION: Linn-Mar High School -- Amanda Reck, senior, flute; Mollie Stanford, senior, piccolo; Lauren Theilen, senior, horn; Abbey Turner, junior, tuba (Steven Colton)

Marion High School -- Adam Fisher, senior, percussion, Roberta Fisher; Brian Kinnaird, senior, euphonium, George & Cheryl Kinnaird; Stephanie Law, sophomore, horn, David & Jill Law (Larry Bobe)

MARSHALLTOWN: East Marshall High School -- Erin Keen, sophomore, clarinet, Steve & Mary Keen (Ronald Furneau)

Marshalltown High School -- Erik Andersen, senior, saxophone, Lou Ann & Arnie Andersen; Katherine Engesser, senior, flute, Dan & Karen Engesser (Charles Bogner)

MT. VERNON: Mt. Vernon High School -- Barbara Schettler, senior, flute, Bill & Sue Schettler; Thaddeus Ternes, junior, tuba, Thomas & Claudia Ternes (Charles Fix)

MUSCATINE: Muscatine High School -- Carl Sondrol, senior, trumpet, Iver & Karen Sondrol (Tom Wehr)

NORTH LIBERTY: Prairie High School -- Anthony Jensen, sophomore, trumpet, Bob & Linda Jensen (Craig Aune)

NORWAY: Benton Community High School -- Candace Shoemaker, senior, clarinet, Michael & Martha Shoemaker (James Arndt)

RADCLIFFE: Hubbard-Radcliffe High School -- Rochelle Hinderaker, senior, clarinet, Dale & Kathy Hinderaker (Brad Williamson)

RIVERSIDE: Mid-Prairie High School -- Lauren Thomann, sophomore, horn, Greg & Janice Thomann (David Kunz)

SOLON: Prairie High School -- Johanna Epley, junior, clarinet, Steve & Kathy Epley (Craig Aune)

Regina High School -- Steve Windisch, senior, percussion, David & Suzanne Windisch (Marc Rood)

West High School -- Matthew Mutel, junior, trumpet, Connie & Robert Mutel (Robert Medd)

SWISHER: Prairie High School -- Anna Jennerjohn, senior, trumpet, Denny & Susie Jennerjohn; Amanda Russman, senior, flute, Bob & Nancy Russman; Katie Ziskovsky, senior, bassoon, Ann & Dwane Ziskovsky (Craig Aune)

TIPTON: Tipton High School -- Katrina Zebrowski, senior, oboe, Thomas & Molly Zebrowski (Thomas Nelson)

TRIPOLI: Tripoli High School -- Sara Goudschaal, senior, clarinet, Roger & Elizabeth Goudschaal (Gary Pease)

VICTOR: HLV Community School -- Jennifer Johnson, senior, flute, Milan & Diane Harden ( Stephen Harbaugh)

WALFORD: Prairie High School -- Heather Baxter, sophomore, clarinet, Terry Baxter (Craig Aune)

WELLMAN: Keota High School -- Matt Miller, junior, saxophone, Jay & Pat Huber (Korine Schlawin)

Mid-Prairie High School -- Carissa Stout, sophomore, flute, Rob Stout & Debbie Swanson (David Kunz)

WILLIAMSBURG: Williamsburg High School -- Ashlee Tanke, trumpet, Kevin & Cathy Tanke; Lindsay Van Zee, senior, tuba, Clint & Carla Van Zee (Chad Sowers)

WINFIELD: Winfield-Mt. Union High School -- Sean Honts, senior, trumpet, Mike & Sherry Honts; Lindsey Loyd, senior, saxophone, Keith & Sue Loyd (Randy Oldfield)